People look forward to taking vacations every year. They envision the perfect getaway only to be disappointed when one or more things go wrong. Most people find redeeming qualities in their vacations, but not all do. What are some disastrous holidays gone wrong?

Before going into stories of nightmare vacations, there needs to be a word of caution. Don’t fall for a timeshare pitch to avoid similar situations. Timeshares come with their own horror stories, and many owners have turned to ACA Group for help in getting out of a timeshare contract. That’s not the solution.

Mistaken Identity

Imagine packing the family up for a beach vacation only to have it ruined by the Department of Homeland Security. This is exactly what could happen when there is a case of mistaken identity. Agents busted down doors, entered the wrong apartment, and trashed it. They were actually looking for the tenant of the other apartment in the two-story duplex. However, the owners had to cut their vacation short to return home and deal with the mess left behind by the federal agents. That’s a story that will be told for years to come. It would be interesting to know if the owners were reimbursed for the damage caused by the agents.

Road Trip Gone Wrong

A road trip may sound like fun to many people. When a person is driving their own car, they stop whenever they want to see sights, take a break, or simply stretch their legs. This isn’t possible when using any form of public transportation, as schedules must be adhered to. However, a road trip might turn out to be a very unpleasant experience.

Picture a group of individuals packing up the car to travel several hundred miles or more to see family. A few hours into this trip, one person says they don’t feel well. They then proceed to get sick in the car. This must be cleaned up before the trip can continue.

The same person then needs a restroom and has an accident while using a public bathroom. The group ends up fleeing in shame only to have all road trip participants become ill. Food poisoning can ruin a vacation quickly, as it did for this very unlucky bunch.

A Cruise Gone Wrong

It may be wise to travel together as a group when multiple family members are vacationing together. Delayed flights can lead to certain participants arriving at the destination before others. One delayed flight can lead to additional travel interruptions. If young adults are traveling on their own, they could be stranded until their parents arrive.

Many other things could go wrong on a vacation, as one family learned. They missed the beginning of their cruise while their daughter didn’t because she was on a different flight. She will have memories to share that they missed because a single flight was delayed. Fortunately, they did get a free cruise out of the ordeal.

Always prepare for anything when planning a vacation. Many things could go wrong, but when a person is prepared, they weather these setbacks with ease. A timeshare, most people find, is not the answer because it comes with a different set of headaches. With planning and preparation, an excellent vacation is possible, so don’t give up. When you have this vacation, you will treasure the memories for a lifetime.