Best Activities to do while visiting Lefkada

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Lefkada or Lefkas as its sometimes known, is found in the Ionian Sea on the west coast of Greece. The island is connected to the mainland by a bridge; it’s easily accessible to anyone who wants a slice of island life. Lefkada may be famous for its beaches but that’s not its only offering—cosmopolitan towns, deserted monasteries and ethereal waterfalls are strewn across the island.

When it comes to things to see and do, you’re utterly spoiled for choice in Lefkada. Make your decisions a little easier and read on to find the best activities on the island.

Explore the capital

Lefkada town is the island’s capital, located on the northern edge of Lefkada. You’ll find a number of bars, restaurants, sightseeing and shopping opportunities here.

Figure – Lefkada

The promenade that runs along the waterfront is lined with sleek cocktail bars and traditional taverns. It really comes alive at night time; the promenade bustles with people and drinks flow on the outdoor terraces. If you like to dance until the early hours, this is where you’ll find the nightclubs and late bars.

  • Insider tip: the wooden bridge is the perfect photo opportunity, especially at sunset.

Behind the north promenade is the old town. Traditional Venetian style homes line narrow cobblestone alleyways; get lost among the lanes and find a small cafe to enjoy a Greek coffee.

For shopping and souvenirs, head to the main square where you’ll find everything on your list. Afterwards, settle down for a traditional Greek feast in one of the area’s many restaurants.

Go island hopping

Lefkada is surrounded by several islands. Discover these jewels of the Ionian Sea with a boat trip or yacht charter from multiple points in Lefkada.

Embark on a week-long excursion; set sail on a cruiser from Lefkas Marina to the island of Meganisi. Go from Kalamos to Kastos, Kastos to Ithaca, and Ithaca to Kefalonia before returning back to Lefkas.

If you’ve got less time to spare, day-long Boat Hire Lefkas is a great option. Choose your vessel, with a skipper or without, and spend the day on one of the nearby islands.

  • Insider tip: Cruise around Kastos for the chance to see a school of dolphins!

Explore the island by foot

Leave the coastline behind and head inland to see another side of Lefkada. There’s no better way to explore this island with a hike through its lush green valleys and rugged mountains.

There are a number of hiking trails at your disposal and you don’t need to travel far to find them. Located just 2km from Nidri is the Dimosari Canyon. This walk will take you thorough enchanted forests to waterfalls that tumble into lagoons. Feel free to cool off in these natural pools.

Trek the mountainside via stone bridges or scramble over boulders. Once you reach the spring, taste the water—it’s the best drinking water on the island.

  • Insider tip: Other routes we recommend are the Melissa Gorge walk and Skaron Forest.

Discover the island’s heritage

Dive into Lefkada’s rich history. The best place to begin is the Archaeological Museum in Lefkada town. The museum is showcases a collection of findings from the Paleolithic times to the late Roman period.

The museum’s exhibits depict public and private life of ancient Lefkada islanders. You’ll see an array of tools, coins, weaponry and instruments.

Visit the island’s preserved archaeological sites dating back to the Roman and Ottoman Empires. The Nikopolis site, a former Roman fortress town, features the remains of a theatre and large sections of the original town walls.

  • Insiders tip: Visit the site of Cassope to see the remains of a 4th century city. It flourished for 200 years before being destroyed by the Romans.

Cape Doukato, or Cape Lefkatas is the island’s southernmost point and a place of Greek legend. It is said the famous poet Sappho jumped from the cliffs to her death in 569 B.C.

Not only is the site a point of cultural significance, it boasts some of the best views on Lefkada. Watching the waves crash against the chalk-white cliffs is a remarkable sight.

Go wine tasting

Wine is a staple of Greek culture. The best Greek wine comes from Santorini but Lefkada has its own indigenous grape varieties that visitors should definitely try.

Wineries in the north and south of Lefkada produce vardea and vertzami wine. The Lefkaditiki Gi Winery, just outside of Nidri offers tours of the vineyard, an insight into the grape varieties and of course, taste testing.

Visit the beaches

No trip to Lefkada would be complete without days spent on its pristine beaches.

Begin with Egremni, located on the south-western coast, it’s heralded as one of the best beaches in Greece and Europe as a whole. Characterised by white sands and azure waters, this place is paradise.

For those who like a little more action, Vasiliki beach should be at the top of your list. Between July and August, the beach becomes the wind surfing capital of Europe. Beginners and experts are welcome.

Find what’s below the Ionian Sea and scuba dive in the waters around Nikiana beach. Discover underwater caves, old shipwrecks and hundreds of species of fish.

If peace and quiet is what you’re looking for, Megali Petra is a wonderfully secluded beach. Serene and unspoilt, this beach is ideal for lounging in the sun.

  • Insider tip: To avoid the crowds, book your trip to Lefkada in the autumn months for fewer tourists on the beaches. The waters remain mild until the end of the season.

From remarkable landscapes to water sports, Lefkada has plenty of activities for all ages. Whether you’re looking for an adventure or to simply relax under the sun, Lefkada ticks all the boxes.


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