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An Ultimate Fashion Guide for Every Man

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Gone are the days when fashion and beauty were considered to be only a woman’s forte. This is a day and age of fashion and glamour promoted heavily by media, fashion brands turning into large corporate entities promoting fashion consumerism and a social media triggering a rat race of looking on point across all genders have made as fashion-conscious as women. It certainly does not mean that even men need to worry about the cosmetic game like women. However, they do need to style themselves in a certain manner and look presentable.

Most men to this day remain confused about what would be the perfect way of looking fashionable without turning oneself into a walking clown with awkward attire in the name of experimentation. Here is a quick guide to the latest fashion and style trends and how men can maintain themselves to the prim without overstuffing their closets with two hundred shirts that they will probably never wear.

Know Your Personality

A very common myth nowadays is that being fashionable means being experimental and daring and turning oneself into a joker straight out of the circus. Just because your favorite rock star is carrying himself around in ripped jeans and a loud colored heavily printed shirt, does not mean the same look will suit you. Everyone has a different personality. Good styling is what complements and enhances your personality and exudes more confidence rather than putting you in an awkward position, where you are conscious about how people might be feeling about your dressing. Only stick to things that will catch attention in a positive manner and will not end up making you conscious. That will be a huge negative even if your dress is an original Versace.

Dress According to the Occasion

You need to maintain a separate wardrobe for a different kind of occasion. Every time and place has its own attire demands, and you have got to respect that. Even if you can carry your ripped denim shorts with all the confidence, do not walk in your office wearing them. They will be a good year for the next concert that you are planning to attend with friends or a hang out at the movies but certainly not at your office. Buy a few formal shirts and neutral colored dress pants for formal wear. A dinner jacket or tuxedo is also a must in your wardrobe for formal dinners and luncheons. When picking up shirts, pick up those in solid neutral-toned hues and if you are into prints, stick to stripes, checks or very small polka dots. Certain occasions will call you to dress in semi-formal or smart-casual attire, and a few polo-shirts in your closet will be a safe bet.


Just like the dress your footwear needs to be according to the demand of the occasion and the circumstances. A pair of formal shoes is a must for your office wear. Keep a pair of sneakers or sports shoes for your gym and fitness routines and a pair of Hawaiians for casual day-outs. Some quality men’s square toe cowboy boots are also a great addition for when it’s time to get add a rugged edge.​

Waist Belts

Belts are an important accessory because of the tailored fitting and comfort that they provide. However, your casual belts cannot be used interchangeably with your formal wear. For your formal settings and dressings, invest in a separate fine leather belt that you can sport at work and formal dinners. You can carry canvas or fabric casual belts with your denim and tees for casual looks.

Jewellery and Accessories

Many men today like being jeweled up, however, avoid wearing those charms and heavy rings and bracelets to formal setups. If you are a jewellery fan and like wearing rings, get yourself a classy finger band and get it studded with a small diamond. You can go for platinum, gold or even a Sterling silver band according to your affordability. Replace your bracelets with smart and classy mens watches. Watches are a timeless accessory that have an added utility as a time telling device and will always be a huge asset for you. You can choose to get a leather strap or a chain strap according to your preference.


It is a very wrong perception that bags are a woman’s thing. Why would a man not need a bag if they have a few stuff to carry around too, especially if you are commuting at your workplace. From the convenience point of view, a cross-body laptop bag or a backpack would be a great buy. They are not only easy to carry but will also be able to accommodate all your belongings easily without putting you into too much hassle. The fashion aspect is an added bonus.

Eye Wear

Other than protecting your eyes from the harmful sun rays, eyewear today are an important fashion accessory too. Carry a pair of good sunglasses that suit your face. Make sure they are not too oversized or too small for your face. If you wear spectacles, invest in a good frame that complements your face. It would be a good idea to get yourself tuned to wearing contacts for times when you want to keep your spectacles at a side.


A good wallet that has enough divisions and pockets to organize your cards and cash is a must. Bulky, oversized wallets with loud covers are no more the trend. Get a sleek leather wallet that is slim and can easily accommodate your cash and cards. Declutter your wallet from time to time to keep it from getting overstuffed.

Tie Clips

There was a time when tie clips served an important purpose of keeping the ties in place. However, it has now emerged as more of a fashion accessory. Although tie clips are made in various styles today since ties are now worn casually too, stick to gold and silver ones, if you plan to carry them formally.

Cuff Links

You will not be wearing tees everywhere, and when you are wearing a full sleeved formal shirt, you cannot just roll up your sleeves. The point of formal shirts is to look formal. Tuck the cuffs nicely at your wrists and adorn them with a classy pair of cuff-links to complete your look.

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