Where to Find the Best Analog Watches with More Than One Face

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A watch that only tells the time can look nice for a dressy outfit, but it’s time to think beyond single function watches. Watches that come with more than one face are the answer to getting more from your wrist piece.

They’re sold at both expensive and completely affordable prices. It all just depends on what you’re looking for and what brand you buy from. Find watches that offer different time zones, efficiently keep track of how long something takes, and more. Here is a list of incredible watches that come with more than one face and where you can find them online right now.

Victorinox Swiss Army Watch

Swiss Army knives are famous for being multifunctional. So much comes in one little item. The same goes for the Swiss Army Watch! In a Swiss Army knife, you’ll find more than one standard blade. For their Maverick watch, you get more than one time zone.

This two-time zone watch is made from stainless steel and swiss quartz. It’s a battery powered piece of technology that is beautifully designed. This watch is great for a someone who either has loved ones or business partners in other parts of the world. With a quick glance, you can see what time it is in their neck of the woods!

Magellan’s Dual-Time Traveler Watch

Another artful choice for a dual-time watch is the Traveler watch from Magellan’s. This choice is great for those that prefer the classic style of embossed leather rather than a wrist full of metal. This twin-dial watch is double time zoned, so you can see what time it is where you are and one other location.

Choose black or brown, depending on the tones you wear in your outfit on a daily basis. Fit for a traveler, you can assign different time zones to each clock on the face to stay on track with your journey.

OULM Military Watch

Now it’s time to get serious. If you’re looking for a real, military style multifaceted watch, this OULM Military watch one is premium. Not only does it offer dual-time, it offers a compass and thermometer. It’s not as expensive as the other choices and it’s great for the novelty. It just looks so cool!

Alpha Watch

Another cool watch is the Alpha Watch with a hygrometer.

A hygrometer is a tool used to measure humidity in the atmosphere. Along with the hygrometer, you’ll get a thermometer, date, sun/moon indicator, and more. This high-tech analog watch does it all. The small, close-up detail is remarkable. This carefully made scratch-proof watch is precisely crafted with stainless steel.

Fossil Grant Chronograph Watch

Fossil has put out their own chronograph watch, which is a regular watch that has a stopwatch option. The navy genuine leather is ideal for a classy outfit like a suit or general business attire. Fossil is known for selling quality items that stay in style. The Grant watch is modeled after vintage clocks with Roman numerals. This choice is truly timeless.

Bulova Watch

For those that love sparkle, this stunning glimmering watch sold at Kohl’s offers day and time subdials along with the bigger standard analog watch face. It’s just so pretty! Pave-set crystals cover the wristband. This water-resistant watch has sparkles all around and has a mineral crystal face cover. It comes in a lovely black box for those who want to give this piece as a gift.

Diesel Mr. Daddy Watch

It has a wild name, but the Mr. Daddy Watch made by Diesel is very classy.

It offers a military amount of faces but is designed so nicely that you could wear it with a suit. The large stainless steel face case is in a scratch-resistant mineral crystal. This watch includes sub-dials marking 60-second, 30-minute, and 24-hour increments. If you’re somewhere in dim lighting, no problem because the hands and markers are luminescent.

Shinola Canfield Chrono Watch

This next choice is a very nice watch and more on the expensive side. The Canfield Chrono is a sleek and handsome watch made with sapphire crystal and Dark Cognac leather.

The diamond cut hands are lovely. Every piece is put together with care and precision. Buy it for yourself or make it a gift. This Detroit-based Shinola watch comes in a hand polished hickory box with engraved name brand. The wood is made from sustainably managed forests in the Northwest area of the US.

MVMT Gunmetal Watch

If you want that James Bond style watch, grab the MVMT Gunmetal Watch. This sophisticated jet black watch is no-nonsense and good for the dapper man. It’s wrist candy with the elegant shape and sky blue details. It is made with gunmetal black brushed stainless steel. The wristband is 100% genuine black leather, so it won’t crack any time soon. With this watch comes a 24 hour clock, 30 minute timer, and a 60 second timer.

Geneva Ladies Watch

You won’t believe the price of this watch. How much do you think the Geneva Ladies watch is? This eye-popping red watch from Gamiss is under 4 dollars (and even less, if you can find a promo code for Gamiss). For that cheap, you can buy 5 and wear this statement piece with anything that goes with red. This multi-face watch is a fashion “yes”!

Piaget Altiplano Double Jeu Watch

This last one is quite stunning. There won’t be many who can afford it, but we wanted to show it off anyway.

The Altiplano Double Jeu Watch by Piaget is very luxurious. Though there isn’t a price for this one on the website, Piaget watches run for around $20,000 to $30,000. This 18k Rose Gold beauty is one for the books.

The face opens up to a different face altogether, similar to the construction of a pocket watch. Anything is possible. Dream big, maybe this watch can be yours one day!

Time to Choose

It’s time to pick out which analog watch is for you. These watches with more than one face offer more than one option. Whether you need to check the air during a hike, see what time it is in a different country, or time something with a stopwatch, you can have it all on your wrist.

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