What is a shed? For many, it is simply a place to put the garden tools; but there is a growing movement of using the shed as a recreational space. Many men find that a quiet place away from the bustle of family life is an essential distraction that keeps life bearable. There are many uses for a shed and many different types of shed we can have.

Getting a Shed

Getting your shed can be done in several ways. Do we want to buy a ready-made one, build one from a kit, or even from scratch if we are particularly handy? There are shed-builders, and you can find them in the classified in most areas; the benefit of this is you can ask for the size, shape, and dimensions that work for you. Be aware of the size if going for a larger shed, as in many areas, once your shed reaches a specific size, it counts as a construction project, and planning permission must be sought.

Power & Light

When originally built, a shed is just a wooden box. You would typically have a window (or windows), but it can be a reasonably basic construction beyond that. It is always a good idea to get power and light sorted for your shed. At the most basic level, you can run a power extension from the house to the shed, but this is quite restricting, as you have the distraction of open windows, trip hazards, and wet weather. If it is a regularly utilized area, it makes sense to hire a qualified electrician to hook it up.


A workshop is one of the classic uses for your shed. You can set up an area to work on repairs, projects, and art. Kitting it out with the correct tools, such as a mini metal lathe, is vital. Ensure you have adequate storage, and everything has its place. Consider what tools are regularly in use and which are occasionally used; this way, we can decide which need to be readily accessible and which can be stored away.

Man Cave?

You can even use a larger shed as a man cave. This is effectively an outside den, where we can set up a TV or games area. Many decorate it in a way we wouldn’t get away within the family home, be it with movie posters or sports memorabilia. We can invite the guys around or cultivate that bromance we’ve been working on.

Maintenance & Upkeep

Sheds are structures that need some maintenance and upkeep. If it is a classic timber shed, then be sure to re-apply the wood stain to avoid rot due to external weather. This can be avoided if we choose to have a shed made from composite materials rather than wood. A composite shed will cost more initially but will last longer. Be mindful that the roof felt does not become torn or damaged, and when it does, replace it without delay.