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Why you should book a charter yacht to St. Barts

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Imagine yourself standing on the deck of a luxury superyacht, like the stunning 55.4m motor yacht TURQUOISE, surrounded by azure waters as far as the eye can see, blue skies and endless pristine white-sand beaches. All this, and more await you on a charter yacht through the Leeward Islands to St. Barts this season.

A one-of-a-kind tropical paradise nestled in the far region of the French West Indies, the magical allure of this volcanic island is sure to win you and your guests over.

Favoured among sailing and yacht enthusiasts alike, the island of Saint Barthélemy, more commonly known as St.Barts, is known for its ideal weather conditions, balmy temperatures and smooth currents. A French-speaking Caribbean Island, St.Barts is home to spectacular white-sand beaches, dramatic hills and lush valleys. Its picturesque capital city, Gustavia, is known for its charming colonial buildings, which reflect the island’s colourful past. Those fortunate to own a yacht will understand the need to ensure the level of maintenance of the boat is extremely important. Additionally, owners will appreciate that getting the correct boat parts is also just as important.

St.Barts is the ideal yacht charter destination for both leisure and excitement, as there are plenty of activities to enjoy both on the water and ashore.

With seemingly countless beaches to relax upon, you will be spoilt for choice when it comes to sunbathing and swimming. If you and your guests wish to visit more popular beaches, head to Grand Fond, Shell Beach or Gouverneur Beach. However, if you are in search of privacy and seclusion, then the island also offers remote beaches, like Anse de Colombier, which is only accessible via boat or foot. With several beautiful rock formations to explore, it is also a prime opportunity for hiking. Home to vibrant and bright coral reefs teeming with a broad variety of marine life, St.Barts is known for its spectacular snorkelling and scuba diving opportunities.

Key locations include the St.Barts nature reserve and marine park, which is home to various types of coral reefs, angelfish, parrotfish and more and features plenty of sites for both beginners and advanced divers.

Like Baie de St.Jean, protected bays are also great for trying your hand at a range of watersports, from kitesurfing and windsurfing to paddleboarding.

Further inland, St Barts also features a number of sightseeing locations, including the famous Karl Fort and Wall House. One of the three forts that once surrounded Gustavia during the Swedish reign, together with Forts Gustav and Octav, all three forts date back to the 16th and 17th centuries and are well worth a visit. The historic Wall House now houses a museum that hosts exhibitions highlighting the island’s Swedish heritage.

From warm locals and a fascinating culture and cuisine to tropical escapes, St.Barts is also included in the travel bubble set among Caribbean countries, making it extra secure and safe to visit. Visitors travelling to one or more of these nations do not have to take additional PCR tests or undergo quarantine, which makes it an ideal charter destination for island hopping as well. So why not explore all St. Barts has to offer by booking a charter yacht to St.Barts today?

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