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High performance, racing and speed in one sailboat, discover Reverso

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The modern daysailer, meet Reverso Air. An innovative small, foldable sailboat, Reverso Air stems from the shared dream of creating a compact, fast and lightweight sailboat. A high-performance dinghy, every Reverso Air features a unique design and patented technologies inspired by architecture (Tension Dynamics®) and ocean racing.

Integrating the most advanced and state of the art technologies for a better sailing experience, Reverso Air is one of the most revolutionary sailboats in terms of performance and design. Completely dismountable in a matter of minutes, Reverso Air can fold up to just one square metre. Durable at the same time, this small dingy can be ready to use in 180 seconds, placing user experience at the core of its design.

What sets Reverso Air apart from other small sailboats available today is its design, use of materials and experience. Every Reverso Air is equipped with a 7 square metre Black Membrane sail. Membrane is the same technology used in round-the-world sailing races like the Vendée Globe. Made with digital fibre application according to the sail’s forces, Black Membrane technology offers extra resistance in the stress zones of the sail. It is a 3-ton press applied for perfect and durable lamination. Significantly increasing the wind range, Black Membrane provides more power in light winds and in stronger winds while maintaining a very stable profile. Steady when the user performs manoeuvres, it allows for smoother, faster sailing – perfect for racing. Woven in Italy, Reverso Air sails are made in France at the company’s leading facilities and pre-tested with love and care in-house to ensure excellence.

Reverso Air also features a carbon mast as its standard. Offering massive gains in responsiveness, righting moment and ease of masting, the Reverso Air mast is completely drill-less. Produced through very high bond processes, it contains increased durability while weighing less than 3kgs. Built-in four interlocking parts with a carbon connection sleeve, the mast is fast and easy to assemble. The hull of Reverso Air features a composite “sandwich” structure with a Soric® honeycomb core and carbon fibre where the loads are the greatest. The special core material allows for improved resin flow and increased wall thickness, greatly increasing the inertia and stiffness of the hull. Constructed through vacuum infusion, this offers the best strength and weight compromise possible.

Why is all this important for sailing? A stiffer sailboat transmits the energy of the rig better and is more responsive, faster and more efficient. Weight is also important because it makes handling, launching, and sailing easier, faster and much more enjoyable. The rigidness combined with the lightweightness of the Reverso Air is what makes it ideal for racing. Offering a super smooth and precise helming experience with straightforward accelerations, the sailing experience provided by Reverso Air is sure to put a smile on anyone’s face.

Discover Reverso Air and see firsthand how it can enhance your sailing experience while instilling confidence in ocean racing.

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