Your Mantelligence Briefing for December 3rd

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Here are the manliest links on the cyberinterwebhighway:

The 52 Best Natural Breasts of All-Time (see above) [COED Magazine]

20 Things Worth Knowing About Beer [Cool Material]

Is She Cheating on You? [MadeMan]

Ten of the Coolest Pads on the Planet [Gunaxin]

How to Make a Bed You Can Bounce a Quarter Off Of [Art of Manliness]

7 Inventors You Didn’t Know You Want to Punch in The Face [College Humor]

Joana Duarte is the International Babe of the Day [Double Viking]

Tiger Woods Voicemail to Jaimee Grubbs [Ebaum Nation]

Worst First and Last Names To Have [EgoTV]

Timberland Abington Guide Boot [Style Crave]

Traveling Spirits – Men’s Gift Guide [Man Tripping]

The worst NASCAR crashes of 2009 [All Left Turns]

Reenactment of Tiger Woods Car Crash [Tasty Booze]

60 Gifts For Guys: A Wishlist for Modern Men [Primer Magazine]

Texting A Girl: A Guide to Text Message Game [TSB Magazine]


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