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How to Travel on a Budget This Summer

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When you have a family like ours, you have to travel cheaply to travel at all. Planning great trips on a budget is totally doable, but it takes some planning and forethought. If you’re hoping to travel soon, read on to learn how to plan a summer trip that won’t break the bank.

Make a plan

Because spontaneous or last-minute travel is often pricey, the first step to wallet-friendly travel is to make a plan for yourself. What are your travel goals for the summer? Where do you want to go? And most importantly, what do you need to get there? Sitting down and mapping out some concrete steps for your summer will get you that much closer to where you want to go.

Use a budgeting app

Long gone are the days when you needed a large spreadsheet and the ability to do math in order to keep track of your finances. Instead, one only needs to download a budgeting app to stay on top of it. This is great advice for life in general, but budgeting is especially important if you are hoping to travel in a frugal way this summer. These apps can help you set aside funds for travel, as well as help you use your money wisely when you are traveling. The best part? Most of them are completely free.

Hunt for deals

One of the fastest ways to cut down the price of your trip is to look for deals, especially right now, as many local economies are starved for tourism. So, scan the internet for deals! Your transportation to and from the destination and your accommodations are the most expensive parts of any vacation. A true budget traveler knows that you can find savings on every part of your trip. For example, on our trip to Florida last year, my flight to Fort Lauderdale was on sale, which saved us money. I was also able to find affordable gear for the family, which helped free up even more funds.

Stay Domestic

It’s just a fact: international flights are almost always more expensive than domestic ones. Unfortunately, this means that travel abroad might not be in the cards for someone looking to keep costs down. Luckily for us, though, there are so many gorgeous places to visit in this country. Take advantage and save money by checking out natural wonders close to home this summer.

Drive instead of flying

If you’re really looking to save money on travel, plan a trip to somewhere you can drive to instead of flying. Road trips offer their own fun, as you can indulge in the scenic views along the way. Depending on your destination, you can car camp when you arrive or use your car to get around your destination, cutting costs even further. Plus, it’s much better for the environment in the long run!

Cook for yourself

Another great way to save money while traveling is to make a meal plan and cook for yourself. This doesn’t mean that you can’t indulge in the local cuisine, but it does mean you should be intentional about it. Invest in some travel containers so that you can keep your food fresh no matter where you stay. Even if you only prepare breakfast and lunch, you can cut the amount of money you spend on meals by over 50%! This will seriously add up in the long run, allowing you to travel for cheaper and longer.

It may seem expensive to travel, but it absolutely doesn’t have to be! If you follow our tips, you can still have the vacation of your dreams without going over your budget.

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