100 Great Movies Every Guy Should See

100 great films for every guy to see. Send your wife/girlfriend out to the salon to get her nails done and sit back to enjoy some amazingly manly movies.

For years now men have had to suffer in silence when taking their girlfriend or wife to the cinema. How often do you get to see that new Jackie Chan movie? And how often does she get to watch the latest 18th century drama epic? I’m guessing the epic gets the nod over the guy movie every single time! Fear not my poorly treated comrade, help is here.

Men know that violence beats sex (marginally) and war beats peace! We turn our noses up to movies that are too serious or sensitive. When we stick a DVD on we want to hear explosions, laugh our ass off or bask in the beauty of gratuitous nudity! In addition to that, we want – no, better still, we NEED – movies that allow us to recite the dialogue from memory days later (“Heeeerrrresss JOHNNY!”). This behaviour will no doubt attract disturbing looks from women and children, but recite a line to another guy and you’ll see him nod in silent appreciation.

With that in mind, we’ve compiled a list of 100 great movies that every guy MUST see. Take your masculinity back, and start watching.

1. Casino Royale (or any other James Bond movie for that matter)

James Bond: Casino Royale

Fast cars, sexy women, sharp suits and high stakes poker. All very manly things which, when combined with the presence of Daniel Craig, make a really great movie.

Best line in the movie: “Now the whole world’s gonna know that you died scratching my balls!”


2. Terminator

The Terminator

Originally offered the leading human role in this movie, Arnold Schwarzenegger decided that playing a bad ass robot sent from the future to kill was his destiny. And so he swapped swimming trunks, body lotion and homoerotic poses for a leather jacket, a gun and some black shades.

Best line in the movie: “I’ll be back.”


3. Die hard

Die Hard

Nothing says hardcore like a hero running around on broken glass in bare feet and smashing through windows on a firehose. Bruce Willis literally wrote the book when it comes to action (we’ll forgive his mild indiscretion for playing a dead guy in the Sixth Sense).

Best line in the movie: “Yippee-ki-yay, motherfucker!”


4. The Last Boy Scout

The Last Boyscout

When a movie has murder, strippers, sports, crooked politicians and stars Bruce Willis as a washed-up cop – you know it’s going to be good! This movie doesn’t disappoint. Trust me.

Best line in the movie: Bad guy: You think you are so fucking cool, don’t you? You think you are so fucking cool. But just once, I would like to hear you scream in pain…” Bruce: “Play some rap music. “


5. Top Gun

Top Gun

When the lead character has a butch name like Maverick, it doesn’t matter that he’s being portrayed by short-arse Tom …

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The Top 5 Goriest Movie Moments

Everybody loves a decent horror movie. Some people get off on the blood and guts and mucus spilling all over the place, while others prefer to cower uncontrollably in the arms of a loved one. Whatever the reason for watching a horror flick, there’s no question that a decent film with plenty of gore can entertain an audience like no other genre.

With this in mind, we’ve compiled a list of the top 5 Gory Movie Moments.

#5. Girl gets her eye cut off in Hostel


The plot

Three backpackers meet a Russian man in Amsterdam who tells them about a Slovakian hostel full of American-loving, promiscuous women. Like most men, the guys follow their penis to Slovakia for fun and fornication.

The scene

Do you remember how you felt when you first saw her eyeball sagging from the nerves after she’d met the unfortunate end of a blowtorch? How about when the guy doesn’t know what to do and decides to cut it off? Personally, I was shaking my head in utter disbelief and I honestly didn’t know whether to laugh or turn away! The oozing puss was really just the cherry on top of the whole thing. Although I didn’t particularly rate the movie, this scene shows that a tiny bit of bodily puss can be more effective than blood and guts.

Video of the scene [not for the squeamish]

#4. Uncle Frank gets hooked in Hellraiser


The plot

Lunatic Frank Cotton purchases an antique puzzle box from a dealer in Morocco. When he solves the puzzle, chains fly out of the box and tear into his flesh. Then a guy with pins in his head, the aptly named Pinhead, restores the room. Hidden in the depths of the room, Franks soul is restored by a drop of his brothers blood. Frank then encourages his brothers wife Julia to bring him more bodies to restore himself.

The scene

The final scene in Hellraiser is cinematic gore at it’s very finest. Sick and twisted Uncle Frank has almost restored himself, having killed his own brother in the process, and is about to kill his brothers daughter Kirsty. Unfortunately for Frank, the demons are back and he gets ripped to pieces by dozens of hooked chains tearing into his flesh and pulling him apart. Even with hooks pulling his cheeks apart to make him look like the Michelin man, Frank still manages to lick his lips in the way only a creepy Uncle can, before uttering the immortal line, “Jesus Wept.”

Video of the scene

#3. Rhodes being torn apart in Day Of The Dead


The plot

The third movie in George A. Romero’s Living Dead series is a zombie assault on a military establishment. Essentially, the zombies sweep through the underground compound, killing scientists and soldiers as they go. One of the scientists had been working on a zombie named ‘Bub’ to study how much of his mind was still human. Commanding officer Captain Rhodes doesn’t like it and …

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Get Familiar With The Street Art Of ‘Hanksy’

No, not “Banksy.” There’s already been a ton of coverage on that guy, so if you want to learn a LOT about Banksy, go watch ‘Exit Through the Gift Shop’. It’s a great, wildly entertaining film. No. I’m talking about Hanksy, the guy who got his start putting Tom Hanks’ face on reproductions of Banksy’s street art, which is pretty darn awesome.

Now Hanksy is starting to stand up on his own, and consequently, he’s getting a little more respect than a one-note knock-off would. Not a ton of respect, mind you, but a little. I mean, there’s a ceiling for artists who fashion themselves off of a pun on the names “Tom Hanks” and “Banksy,” right? He’s made a pretty high-profile career of street art spoofs, and I think the enigmatic Banksy would approve. Take a look:










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