Megan Fox, We Renounce You!

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Over the last six months you might have noticed a lot of posts about Megan Fox on Just A Guy Thing. We’ve shown you sexy Megan Fox photos, Megan Fox nude in an upcoming movie, and even Megan Fox as the Mona Lisa. But no more! We have to draw the line sometime and on August 4th we’re drawing it.

Just A Guy Thing is joining with other manly sites of the Interweb to proclaim August 4th as ‘A Day Without Megan Fox.’ That’s right – an Internet-wide ban on all things Megan Fox. No matter what the little vixen does on that day, we won’t report on it. New Megan Fox bikini pics? Nope, won’t show ’em. Megan Fox going down on a bottle? Uh-uh. Megan Fox sex tape? Well, um, we’d probably show that one, but you get the gist.

Here’s a video from our friends at Asylum to explain why we’re all taking a stand on one of the most important issues of our day:

So if we officially renounce Megan Fox on August 4th, who should be the next “it” girl we glom on to and wildly overexpose? Olivia Munn? Miranda Kerr? Olivia Wilde? Minka Kelly?

Leave a comment and let us know which starlet or model you want to see more of.

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