4 Tips to Nail That Audition

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Job interviews are always nerve-wracking, nail-biting affairs. That’s doubly true when it comes to acting, though. Unlike other try-outs, you don’t just have to sell yourself, you also have to sell your version of this whole other made-up character that you’re playing. Want to give yourself and your onstage alter-ego the best chance possible? Follow these four helpful tips:

Leave an Impression

In the entertainment world, good roles aren’t always easy to find. There is one thing, however, you’ll never be short of: competition. Depending on the size of the production, you could be just one of dozens of actors for hire up for the part. Maybe more.

That’s why it’s important to leave an impression. Find some way to set yourself apart from every other person walking into that room. Embrace your unique qualities and don’t be afraid to make bold choices. Even if you don’t get picked for the role, being memorable will help you stay in a director or producer’s mind, which could lead to future work.

Memorize the Scene

This tip might seem like a no-brainer, but you’d be surprised by how many hopefuls walk into an audition having done little more than skimmed over their lines while in the waiting room.

Time is precious, sure, but if you’re serious about acting, it’s worth making the effort to learn the role and the scene you’re auditioning for the best you can. Reading lines right off a script page doesn’t just look bad, it’s also more likely to result in a stilted, robotic performance that won’t impress anyone.

Know Your Audience

Yet another piece of advice that should go without saying is the recommendation to do some research before your audition. Know not only the details of the character you’re playing and the project that is being produced, but also who it is you’re going to be auditioning for.

After all, if things go well, these are the people with whom you’ll be working in the near future. It pays to know both their past work and their reputation. Besides that, it’s a good way of building a connection during the audition, thereby making yourself stand out from the rest of the pack.

Don’t Stress Yourself

For many actors, both up-and-coming and well-established, their biggest enemy remains the face in their mirror. When preparing for an audition, it’s all too easy to become nervous and psyche yourself out. While that can be helpful in small doses, delivering a shot of adrenaline to keep you motivated, more often than not stress leads to self-sabotage.

Don’t let anxiety ruin your performance. Try to keep things in perspective and remember that every audition is an opportunity, something to get excited about. It shouldn’t be something to fear.

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