Can you smoke in Las Vegas casinos?

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For many decades, gambling and smoking went hand in hand and Las Vegas casinos provided this option to their patrons. As people started to realize the negative impact of smoking, the number of venues where this activity was allowed decreased radically. In Nevada, new laws are being rolled out to further curb this negative habits and casinos are also affected. While there is no carpet ban yet, significant changes are expected for 2021 and beyond. You should “always contact the hotel” before traveling according to the popular UK casino website FruityKing.co.uk who write about the world’s best casinos.

Las Vegas casinos still permitting smoking

The land-based casino industry was hit hard by the pandemic and local establishments can’t afford to be inflexible. They go to great lengths to attract newcomers, while bringing back former customers. To achieve this, they are willing to provide them with everything they need, including the option of smoking. The laws are pretty clear and under the Nevada Clean Indoor Air Act 2006, smoking is only permitted in certain conditions. When it was passed, it drastically limited the freedom of casinos to permit smoking.

The law states that casinos where minors are prohibited from entering are places where customers are allowed to smoke. It goes without saying that Las Vegas casinos are free to restrict smoking if they choose so. At the end of the day, they decide what is good for business, but they need to operate under certain legal restrictions. Smokers with a keen eye for gambling are so hooked on these habits, they would gladly avoid those casinos that prohibits this activity.

Strict smoking prohibition in neighboring areas

While smoking in Las Vegas casinos is possible as long as minors can’t enter the premises, there are many restrictions that apply to neighboring areas. In all the other indoor spaces it is not allowed to smoke and these areas include restaurants, most shops, cinemas and malls. The idea is to make sure that while smokers can still enjoy their habit, they don’t cause any harm to non-smokers and minors. Marijuana was legalized for recreational use in 2017 but it can only enjoyed in the comfort of one’s home. Even though casinos might fancy the idea of casual punters smoking it while playing, this isn’t allowed.

In many casinos were established smoke-free areas where players can spend some quality time without being bothered by smoke. Some Las Vegas casinos decided to go smoke-free and there’s a chance that all will be compelled to walk down this path in the foreseeable future. There are no restrictions regarding e-cigarettes, at least not from a legal perspective. On the other hand, casinos chose to apply these limitations to these new cigarettes, so don’t expect them to be legal inside most casinos.

The ongoing pandemic brought major changes to smoking in Las Vegas casinos. Patrons are under legal obligation to where the masks inside the casino, which makes smoking impossible. Weighing in on the health benefits, it is possible that more casinos will choose to maintain and expand these restrictions.

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