Things You Need to Know About Windows 10

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Just a Guy Thing are constantly looking for tips and tricks to make our lives easier. After visiting Las Vegas for CES this week we are focusing on our operating systems which run on our laptops and computers. Whilst Windows 10 has been around for a few years now but its functions still confuse a lot of people. The operating system has features to give everyone something to love about it. Mastering everything about Windows 10 may take a long time. However, there are some basic things you are expected to know. A few of them are included below,  we hope they will enhance real money casino game play on the OS. With this you can visit

Windows PC and Smartphone Integration

Windows has been updating its Windows 10 Creators in 2017. It now allows integration between your computer and phone. A new Phone section was added to the Settings, now you can sync websites and transfer files from your phone to your Windows 10 computer, Microsoft Launcher apps and Edge browser. Moreover, you are able to read your texts and reply them on your PC.

Uninstall idle apps to make your PC faster

Unused apps fill up your hard disk space and RAM for no apparent reasons.  Windows becomes overworked and also these apps cause bugs which slow down your machine. Therefore unused apps must be uninstalled. To uninstall go to taskbar search box type Uninstall, Change or remove a program, all the applications icon installed on your machine appears. Click the one you want and tap Uninstall.

Junk cleaner

Our computers store a lot of junk over time and this junk makes your PC slow. Clearing junk manually sucks and sometimes you don’t have time for that. Thanks to Storage Sense Option it’s easier for users of the Windows operating system. This option automatically clears out all the junk without your knowledge. To activate it go to System then Storage and enable the Storage Sense.

Disable animations, visual effects, and shadows

Windows 10 has cool shadows, animations, and visual effects. Some PC cannot perform very fast with these running especially old machines that are not even compatible with online casino games. To turn them off, go to taskbar search box type sysdm.cpl and press enter. System Properties then pops up, click the Advanced tab and click Settings in the Performance section then Performance options. Under this there various animations and special effects listed and turn them off.

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