Rocksteady Stadium The Best Wireless Sound System on the Market Without Breaking The Bank

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The RockySteady Stadium sound system was designed with connectivity simplicity and effortless pairing in mind to create the best sound throughout your home or on the road. Bring the sound, Rocksteady Stadium’s incredible battery life holds up to a 16-hour charge and portable build, lets you bring the party with you wherever you are.
Fill the space, whether you have 2 or 4 speakers in the same room or spread throughout your home you are in for a revolutionary listening experience with quality sound. With each speaker you add, you gain further control over your environment, transforming your space into a portable stadium.
The speakers seamlessly connect, creating a completely customizable experience and eliminating the need to download apps or rely on unstable WiFi connections. It all connects right through Bluetooth to give you the best concert-like experience at home.
Rocksteady Stadium – Speaker – $149.99
Rocksteady Stadium – Speaker 2 Pack – $274.99
Rocksteady Stadium – Speaker 4 Pack – $499.99
For more information and to purchase the speakers visit RockySteady.

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