The world loves gaming, but especially men. Male gamers are certainly more common than female gamers, although the opposite sex is making its mark in the gaming sphere too, with more female gamers around than ever before.

When it comes to gaming, the overall landscape has changed dramatically in recent years. Online streaming is hugely popular, we’ve seen the emergence of competitive esports gaming, and we now have access to more sophisticated consoles and games than ever before, alongside the rise in mobile phone gaming where creations like Foxy slots based on blockbuster movies such as Titanic have become a regular occurrence, alongside popular products like Pokemon Go, PUBG Mobile and Candy Crush. We’re only touching the surface here, too.

One area in which gaming has really progressed in recent times has been with our mobile phones, where we now have access to console-quality titles thanks to the technological advancements made in our miniature handheld devices. Not every game is worth downloading, though. So, with that in mind, here’s a look at some of the best mobile games for men in 2020.

Mario Kart Tour

The classic Mario Kart series of games have been keeping people entertained for years on end on numerous consoles, but now it’s available on mobile. After some initial teething problems, Mario Kart Tour is well worth downloading, especially if you’re a fan of the old games. It features the characters we all know and love, promises the mayhem you’d expect from a Mario Kart creation, plus it features online multiplayer so that you can race your friends too. The game is free to play also, although you can buy gems to purchase characters. Overall, you simply have to play Mario Kart Tour if you haven’t already.

Exit the Gungeon

Exit the Gungeon is a shooting and slashing dream as you make your way quickly through each level and loot everything you come across. Originally popular on console, Exit the Gungeon has proved particularly popular this year as people add it to their smartphones and enjoy the sequel to Enter the Gungeon in all its glory. It’s fun, that’s for sure.


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Yes, that’s right, Fortnite has made it onto mobile. Arguably one of the biggest games ever created, the major selling-point of Fortnite on a mobile is that it is cross-platform, meaning you can play mobile and PC versions of the game at the same time and you won’t lose any progress along the way, no matter what device you opt to play the game on. It’s not as clean and finished as the console version of the game, but Fortnite on a mobile is just as epic and just as enjoyable. We recommend purchasing a controller extension, though.

Pokemon GO

One of the most popular mobile phone games ever, Pokemon GO is still hugely popular this year. The groundbreaking augmented reality release certainly makes walking or running a lot more interesting as it can only be played outdoors while you’re on the move. From there, you can take down gyms, catch any Pokemon you find, and establish yourself as the best trainer in town.

Marvel Contest of Champions

Anyone like Marvel? Well, if yes, then you simply have to download Marvel Contest of Champions. Arguably the best release of its kind since Marvel vs. Capcom, Marvel Contest of Champions is an entertaining fighter featuring the Marvel characters we all know and love. If you’re a comic book lover, then downloading Marvel Contest of Champions is a must.

Other games worth downloading are Skate City, Hearthstone, Minecraft, Monument Valley 2, Hatoful Boyfriend and Mini Motorways.