What it took to find the best pants ever – and the winner

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We spend 99% of our time wearing clothes, but nobody has time to search for the absolute best. And then quarantine hit.

After naming the two geese who frequent our backyard, I bought the highest rated pants the internet had to offer and wore a different pair everyday.

And the winner is: Birddogs pants with Kit & Ace as an honorable mention. For all other pants, there was a clear tradeoff: the more comfortable the pants, the worse they looked.

The Rankings Explained

Comfy + Looks Great

Comfort I didn’t think pants could have. Birddogs stretched and moved seamlessly with my body. I almost felt better with them on than off. What made them the clear winner was that I could wear them anywhere – at the office, out with friends, or a round of golf.

Looks Bad

These pants were very comfortable. Especially Lululemon and Rhone. But, if I left the house, I would have to change. The texture reminded me of those old Adidas track pants.

Lacks Comfort

Pants in this category made me feel like I was back in the office. For a second, I actually thought I could hear the water cooler gurgling. The old me would have purchased a pair of Bonobos or J Crew and left it at that.

All Out Duds

Sorry Dad, I included Dockers in my study at your urging, and just like you told me if I go to college I’d get a good job, I shouldn’t have listened. Felt like sandpaper with ridges down the seams, and they actually had real life pleats down the middle.

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