Editor Choice: Five Must Have Winter Essentials for Every Man

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With winters about to come in full swing, men with great fashion taste are thinking to upgrade their wardrobes accordingly. Merely putting summer clothes aside and taking out the winter collection of last year could be boring as hell. Transforming your wardrobe with the latest winter essentials is really important to keep looking up-to-the-minute.

Apart from a few timeless winter essentials like a men’s leather jacket, there are some other basic garments that you certainly need to invest in. Let’s read the blog below to find out what are the top 5 winter essentials men should have to survive stylishly this season!

1. Layering Outerwear

Jackets and Pullovers

When it’s about maximum heat retention, leather bomber jacket wins the race! They are not just an essential fashion statement, but are also very durable and can last till many winters. With leathers, you can also opt for biker or aviator-style leather jackets because they are most trendy these days. If you do not favor leather, you can always choose a stylish denim jacket that is sure to complement all the outfits in your closet.

If you feel like carrying a cool streetwear style, technical jackets like shell jackets, raincoats, or windbreakers should be some of the essentials you must have this season. You also got an option of choosing a puffer jacket that comes in both full-sleeves and half-sleeves options. They are also considered a modern fashion staple, and are both waterproof, insulating, and good for snowy adventures!

Similarly, fleece pullovers with hoods and zipper hoodies are great for wearing as routine clothing or even at home. They provide optimum layering and come in a variety of styles, such as striped and statement ones.

Coats and Blazers

Few classic pieces of coats should have a special place in your closet these winters. Investing in good quality wool coats is very ideal as they are durable, laidback, and offer greater wearability. As per your liking, you may choose a trench coat, peacoat, car coat, or duster coat. With both inner and outer pockets, you find it easy warming up your hands and keeping your belongings like phone or wallet safe.

With fur-lined material and a tribal effect, Parka is another style of coat you can rock this winter. It comes in so many colors, so you are not just limited to neutral colors but can also play with colors like navy, olive green, tan, red, or even silver! Similarly, woven blazers are another winter essentials men can casually carry over a shirt and denim pants.

2. Knitted Garments

Winters are incomplete without finely knitted garments that instantly boost your look. Knitted sweaters and cardigans are essential winter garments for every man. Cashmere, cotton, and wool are some of the materials they are made off, so choose one as per the level of warmth you desire.

Many turtleneck sweaters are knitted in sophisticated designs, which you can carry solely or under a neutral color of jacket/coat. Back, white, beige, and gray are some of the basic colors you need to stock sweaters in. However, bright colors always look pretty modish during winters, so don’t forget to experiment with bold colors.

3. Casual Wear


Since sweatshirts were introduced in 1926, they quickly gained attention and adoration due to their level of comfort, style, feel, and elegance. Both hooded and non-hooded options are great for wearing as an everyday outfit, styled nicely with a pair of jeans, chinos, or cargo pants. There are sweatshirts to suit the taste of almost everyone, as they come in plain fabrics, printed ones, or even embroidered or painted ones for a customized style.

Buttoned Shirts

Here, you can easily play with texture, pattern, and color. Buttoned collar shirts are winter essentials because you definitely need something to wear inside your coat or jacket. Fabrics like oxford, cotton, twill, flannel, denim, houndstooth, and broadcloth are great for winter, and they also come in various attractive textures.

Besides classic old buttoned shirts, you can choose a Henley with its round and nicely buttoned neckline. These are mainly made of thick cotton fabric, so one can seamlessly wear it casually on cold evenings.

4. Comfy Bottoms

After hoarding onto jackets, coats, blazers, sweaters, sweatshirts, and casual buttoned shirts, you obviously need a few pairs of good quality bottoms. We would suggest investing in a few denims, preferably straight-fit, skinny, and slouchy ones since they are presently in fashion. Apart from denims, you must have at least one leather pants for transforming the look of your luxurious cashmere sweaters!

Additionally, it’s not a bad idea to have some cotton chinos and khakis in solid colors. You would need some to wear under your buttoned shirts and coats, mainly for smart casual and business casual events. You may even opt for corduroy or wool pants as they offer sufficient warmth and comfort.

5. Shoes and Key Accessories

Boots are those standard winter essentials you cannot step out without most days. The style you choose totally depends on your liking, but few top-most boots include Chelsea, lace-ups, snow boots, chukkas, and moc-toes. Either buy ones made of suede or leather because these materials are most ideal for winters.

Apart from boots, have at least one pair of high-top sneakers that you can wear flawlessly on most casual days. Besides, while you may feel dress shoes are not something needed for winters, having a pair of Oxfords or brogue may come in handy when you need to attend business events where sneakers or boots may look inappropriate.

Lastly, key accessories of winters that you must have include knitted beanies, mufflers, wool socks, and gloves. Any winter outfit can look 10 times better if you pair these accessories along!

Final Words

Winters give us many versatile clothing options, which is why dressing up in winters seems very exciting. You should definitely consider stocking up on our top 5 winter essentials for men highlighted here in this blog to look most stylish and well-dressed this coming season!

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