Whether building your own yacht or refitting an existing one, there are many factors to consider to ensure a superyacht refit meets the requirements of 21st-century living, your yacht management can assist you with the search of the right shipyard to meet your needs. A yacht restoration includes systems that perform, a design that exudes luxury, and facilities that not only meet expectations but exceed them.

And whether you’re looking to charter a yacht or enjoy your vacations with friends and family – you want something that stands out from the crowd and wows your guests.

Yacht restoration goes beyond a sleek new paint job or modern refurbishment. You need to be prepared to cater to a new standard of luxury lifestyle – one where you can offer the same level of fun, entertainment and lavishness that guests would receive on land, if not better.

When considering a superyacht refit, entertainment should be a key consideration. It’s no longer just about the destination. It’s about the comfort of the journey. From cinema rooms to water toys, spa facilities and the latest gadgets – kitting out your yacht with the best onboard entertainment will transform your vacations and make chartering that much more appealing to prospective holiday-makers.

10 entertainment systems for your superyacht refit

Smart superyachts

With constant advancements in technology and smart devices, it won’t be long until, much like smart homes, the smart superyacht becomes commonplace in the market. With lighting, music, curtains and entertainment systems all controllable via smart devices, installing these systems will make your yacht experience truly unforgettable.

The Living Technology System from Van Berge Henegouwen is a must for any superyacht refit, offering everything from calling a crew member and alerting the crew when guests are awake, to controlling entertainment systems and ambience, all from the guests’ Apple Watches.

Underwater toys

It’s common for superyachts to host a range of water sports equipment and various tenders and toys. If you want to provide an experience unlike any other, consider offering activities that go below the surface level during a superyacht refit.

The Triton 3300/3 submarine is one of the most advanced submarines on Earth, proving that exploring below the waves needn’t be a claustrophobic affair, with plenty of space for you and a couple of your guests to explore the world’s oceans.

Inflatable toys, docks and slides

Most superyachts have decks, pools and beach clubs. However, they don’t all have the facilities to turn the ocean into your very own water park.

Companies like Fun Air provide exciting additional accessories, from slides to inflatable docks, climbing walls and activity courses. Fun for all ages, these accessories can help turn your yachting adventure into an experience you’ll never forget.

Interactive video walls

What better way to create ambience and help your guests to relax than with interactive backdrops? From infotainment to games, live wallpapers, and virtual views – these video walls are a unique, innovative feature that can modernise your yacht and take the atmosphere to the next level. These superb features can all be incorporated into your boat during a superyacht refit.

Spas, beauty therapies and massage rooms

Nothing says luxury like a team of dedicated beauty therapists and a private spa, complete with a sauna, massage room and various treatments. These can vary from a one-room parlour to a two-storey wellness centre or a dedicated cryotherapy chamber. Having a spa on board your yacht could be what’s needed to push it to a new level of luxury.

Cinema rooms

Between exploring your favourite islands and indulging in foreign cuisines, you and your guests will likely want a place to unwind and immerse yourself in your favourite movies and TV shows. Many of today’s yachts feature a cinema room with 4K or OLED TVs, surround sound speakers, and tiered seating for a fully immersive experience.

Why not take it to the next level and consider installing an IMAX screen for that extra wow factor during a yacht restoration? With sound-proof insulation and reclinable seats, you’ll be able to provide a commercial viewing experience from the comfort of your at-home cinema.

To stand out from the crowd, you can consider installing a retractable screen on the upper deck for an outdoor cinema experience that allows guests to watch their favourite movies under the stars. Complete with snacks and drinks provided by your dedicated crew members, this feature could be what makes your vacation truly extraordinary.

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Entertainment comes in all shapes and sizes, so why not branch into more late-night soirée amenities? Like cruise ships, some charter yachts feature onboard casinos for lavish parties and events, with blackjack tables, roulette wheels, and more.

Sports areas

The perfect yacht experience isn’t all about relaxation. The ideal vacation is a blend of tranquillity, fun and excitement.

From basketball and tennis courts to volleyball nets, mini-golf and even on-board football pitches – the modern yacht can cater to various entertainment requirements, including sports and games.

Beach club entertainment

Every yacht needs a space to lounge, sip your cocktails and enjoy the company of your fellow travellers. The beach club is a great feature for your yacht, often consisting of a customisable seating area, a bar, a pool and sometimes even a Jacuzzi.

The deck can easily be converted into a dancefloor for lavish parties and socialising. With help from your management teams, you can even organise live music and DJs for special events requiring a little more attention to detail.

A picture containing indoor, furniture Description automatically generatedThe hidden technology of a superyacht refit

For the perfect luxury experience, you want performance without sacrificing design. And unfortunately, sometimes, the best technology isn’t always the most aesthetically pleasing.

For the perfect balance of aesthetics and performance, during your yacht restoration, consider installing hidden entertainment systems built to fit seamlessly within your interior design. Hidden speakers blend perfectly into wall panels, allowing for high-quality sound without sacrificing space or impacting design – the ideal entertainment system for a luxury experience.