THINKWARE Launches Its F200 Dash Cam

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This summer the leading dash cam company THINKWARE announced the launch of the F200 dash cam. A versatile addition to THINKWARE’s F-series dash cam line, the F200 offers the latest advanced features within a modern and simple design that fits discreetly in any vehicle.

The F200 is a great dash camera that gives a wider view of the road in full 1080p full HD resolution and a wide 140-degree angle recording view. The F200 model also offers high visibility behind the vehicle as well, with a 720p HD rearview camera. And with advanced Wide Dynamic Range (WDR) technology, the F200’s extended range covers a greater span between bright and the dark areas while driving.

At less than $200 for the camera, this is fantastically priced and offers amazing value. 

At less than $200 for the camera, this is fantastically priced and offers amazing value. The F200 2 Channel Camera also has three affordable rear view camera options for consumers and drivers of commercial vehicles. The rear camera option allows drivers to have a clear view of incidents at the rear, recording HD 720p video at 30 frames per second. The dash cam or dashboard camera are becoming increasingly popular due to the benefits of them having one far outweigh the costs. For those drivers with expensive cars then this is a product that should be considered. For any accidents recorded on a dash cam this can be the difference between winning a case in terms of a dispute to losing it and facing high financial costs.

F200 Features

  • 2CH FHD (1080p) 140˚ wide angle with WDR (Wide Dynamic Range) -720p HD rear view
  • Safety Camera Alert (Optional GPS Antenna Required)
  • Built-in Wi-Fi
  • Various recording modes (Continuous/Incident/Manual Recording Mode)
  • Format Free 2.0 technology
  • Audio recording capability
  • MicroSD Card options of 8,16, 32, 64 and 128 GB

For taxi drivers, there is an IR camera (internal) option. It films inside the vehicle making taxi journeys safer for the driver and rider. The external camera option is weatherproof and captures any incidents at the rear, particularly useful for drivers of commercial vehicles.

Included with each F200 is a 16 GB MicroSD card.

The streamlined design of the in car camera is perfect to fit in-line with most car interiors. With more drivers seeking in-car camera’s that don’t look out of place within their vehicles, THINKWARE built the F200 with an inconspicuous and streamlined concept in mind. The F200’s compact rectangular shape and screen-free design takes into consideration all of the driver’s vantage points to avoid blocking views of the road while fitting perfectly on their front windshield.

The streamlined design of the in car camera is perfect to fit in-line with most car interiors.

Equipped with Energy Saving Parking Recording, the F200 is designed to prevent vehicle batteries from drain. Compared to the Normal Parking mode (motion & impact detect), the Energy Saving Parking Recording reduces the output of energy from the car, resulting in a longer parking recording. Drivers who use the function can capture longer term parking footage without concern.

The F200 can also withstand the harshest weather conditions. With its Integrated Thermal Protection feature, a thermal sensor triggers a self-protection mechanism to shut down the device under extreme temperatures, protecting the device from both cold and hot temperature damage.

As the highest selling dash cam brand in the competitive Korean market, THINKWARE’s award-winning products are now available in the US and throughout Europe.

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