Top 5 Most Popular Multiplayer Esports Games in the World

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There have been some massive games launched in the last few years and this has created one of the most competitive eras for esports games in living memory. Just thinking about a top five, will lead to quite a heated debate. Looking at the stats reveals a few surprises.

When we looked to find a top five, it was all about the players, and not just the top ten who take home the prize money, but the millions of us who play every day. This top five focuses on the sheer number of players each game has registered to play.

5. Overwatch

Starting the list of in fifth place is the hero shooter, Overwatch. Whilst 5 million active monthly players might sound like a lot, it’s on the entry step of the top five. The gameplay has been true to its original concept since 2016 and keeps the first-person shooter genre at the top of its game.


A staple of the European market, FIFA recently broke into the American market and it has been adopted wholeheartedly. 9.1 million players sign in and play each month, entering one of the nearly four and a half thousand tournaments each year.

3. Fortnite

Taking the third-person shooter genre by storm, Fortnite has been the revelation of the last five years. Entering thousands of players in one tournament was always going to captivate the competitive nature of players. Mixing in three main styles of gameplay, meant that there is always something for everyone to play. This year Fortnite has reported 15 million concurrent players at its peak.

2. Counter-Strike: Global Offensive (CS:GO)

Despite being nearly ten year’s old, CS:GO is still top of the league. The player and fanbase has been built up over it’s long life and it shows no sign of slowing down. The multiplayer shooter pits two teams against each other, a terrorist team and a country-terrorist team. The concept has grasped the attention of over 30 million players worldwide.
If you want to watch the game in action, you can head over to the CS GO tournaments schedule and find your favourite team in action.

1. League of Legends

It’s almost impossible to think of any multiplayer computer game without immediately thinking of League of Legends. The game has been capturing our imaginations since 2009 and continues to grow in scale every year. Just last year, the League of Legends World Championship had a prize pool of $1 million.

To say League of Legends is the most popular game, would be to understate the huge mass appeal it has. Almost wiping out all of the competition with 125 million active users, there could only be one title at the top of this league.

Finding a top five list for esports could always be very subjective, until we look at the player stats. Then a true winner emerges, to see the vast difference between the number of people who play League of Legends compared to the rest of the top five, shows that we have a real clear winner.

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