The Power of a $100 Charitable Gift

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Whether you have decided to make a donation to a Mark Stevens Charity or make your check out to the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, you assume that the money will be well spent and will change the world. Though the population around the globe that lives in extreme poverty has fallen to below 10%, charities and organizations are still hard at work trying to eradicate social injustices, lack of access to clean water, and education inequalities. Nonprofits encourage people around the world to contribute just pennies a day to make a difference, but even though such amounts seem nominal, many donors are wondering about how responsibly their funds are being managed.

The Diversity of Investments

If you take a look at the giving opportunities around the world, you will find thousands of causes and movements asking for your support. Some organizations are promoting healthcare through access to affordable vaccines or wellness clinics, while other nonprofits and for-profits try to boost the local economy through micro-loans to marginalized classes. There are clean water initiatives, space residence research, and STEM investments. Decisions for investment are guided by what will have the most impact, using research to figure out ways to make this happen the most economically. While charitable organizations often rely on the donors for the bulk of its finances, the impact can be more reaching if it is more cost-effective. From organizations operating in sub-Saharan Africa to the work of charities based in Harlem, here are some of the top charities where you can watch a donation of $100 have a direct, positive impact.

Against Malaria Foundation

With just one hundred dollars, the charity is able to provide 50 bed nets to those living in malaria-stricken areas. Mosquitos in these areas spread the deadly illness, and beds covered with insecticide-treated nets dramatically reduce the risk of contracting the illness that claims hundreds of thousands of African lives each year. Since the Against Malaria Foundation started, more than half of at-risk Africans have been provided with a net. The low costs to donors attract attention, but the results are what encourage charity evaluators to recommend the investment.

Development Media International

Through a gift of $100, you can support the education of parents all around the world through sponsoring broadcasts of Development Media International. Using one-minute radio spots throughout the day, DMI presents topics that promote child longevity by warning parents of the dangers of malaria and other conditions that claim lives early. Information like the importance of mosquito nets, hydration, and how to help children suffering from illness or disease is broadcast 10 times a day for 365 days a year.

Evidence Action

There are several initiatives run by Evidence Action, but with a donation of $100, you can provide the medication needed to deworm 200 children from the parasites that cause schistosomiasis, or it could be used to provide safe water to 78 community residents for an entire year. Roughly 200 million people around the world are affected by the schistosomiasis disease, though the bulk of these victims are found in underdeveloped countries with a lack of access to clean, fresh drinking water. Evidence Action works with local governments to organize deworming programs and provide the medications needed to help those affected. It also provides safe drinking water to those who are in recovery. Their efforts save thousands of children each year from dying from a parasitic infection.

Fred Hollows Foundation

With just a gift of $100, this foundation is able to provide three interventions to improve or save the sights of those who have curable blindness or who are experiencing failing visions. In low-resource areas, cataracts are more often the cause of blindness, and these can be counteracted with surgery by a trained professional. Fred Hollows, the ophthalmologist who the foundation was named for, was a social justice advocate who campaigned for proper eye care for the indigenous peoples of Australia. The work continues to help restore eyesight in over 25 countries with positive results for more than 2.5 million people.

Global Alliance for Improved Nutrition

Those in the United States take several areas of their nutrition for granted, including iodized table salt. Your $100 contribution to this charity will provide 500 individuals with a lifetime supply of adequately iodized salt. This nutritional component protects against iodine deficiency disorders which can cause debilitating brain damage. The United Nations has stated that iodine deficiencies are the greatest preventable cause of developmental disabilities and brain damage. Through their efforts. GAIN is helping prevent millions of children from developing nutritional deficiencies.

When it comes to philanthropic efforts or charitable giving, you don’t have to sink millions to make a difference. It would be great if everyone had the money and that kind of charitable spirit, but it isn’t necessary to make a noticeable difference in global problems. Through just a gift of $100, you have several options for changing the health and wellness of individuals around the globe.

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