Malibu Boats: 5 Models That Will Revolutionize Your Wakeboarding Experience

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Your wakeboarding experience will be affected by the type of boat you’re sailing. If you’re looking to get the best wake, or you’re wondering which boats even produce a wake, then you’ve likely heard about Malibu and Axis boat models. It’s only natural to want to heighten your wakeboarding, so here are some models that can revolutionize your experience.

1. M235

If you’ve already made up your mind, and you’re hunting for Malibu boats for sale, the M235 is a favorite choice of a lot of wakeboarders. Although it can be a little pricey, it’s an upscale tow boat that produces some excellent waves. This flagship Malibu boat creates great waves that are a great length and have a nice lip. Even larger riders can get a good, solid push out of the M235. Another bonus is that the surf on this boat is easy on the knees and back.

2. 26LSV

It’s the largest Malibu boat so far, with luxury that abounds. From the soft grip flooring to the flip down swim step, this model is quite versatile. And the 26LSV performs in an even bigger way. It offers a big pocket and perfect waves and wake on both sides. Even at slower speeds, this model sits deeper in the water to displace more water to give any boarder an excellent ride.

3. Wakesetter 25LSV

This boat has received rave reviews. What’s nice about this boat is that even a little wedge results in plenty of ramp. When compared to the 23LSV, it planes earlier and has less bow rise. A deeper hull and hidden ballast are part of the magic that makes the 25LSV a wakesurfing dream. It’s not necessary to put bags on seats, add bow weights and extra passengers. Unless, of course, the more the merrier is your philosophy.

4. 24MXZ

For many wakesurfers, the best model with the best wake is the 24MXZ. Although its wave is slightly smaller than the LSV, it is a longer wave. The pocket on an MXZ is substantial and offers a lot of room to surf in. And plenty of riders have dubbed it the best lip in the Malibu line. You’ll need the PnP ballast full along with the hard tanks, a 1,000 pound bow bag and lead under the seats.

5. 21LX

Great quality for a fraction of the price is what you get with the 21LX. It’s got sharp bow lines to slice through the water, but it also has the space of a pickle-fork bow. There’s even the pop-up ski pylon at the transom.

Keep in mind that bigger boats create better surf waves, and that a V-drive is really the only option if proper wakeboarding is in your future. There are some technical factors (lip, fuel consumption, weight, etc.) that you’ll have to take into account when making your decision, but all in all, the right Malibu boat is waiting for you to get into the water.

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