Simple Style Tips For The Modern Man

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Being stylish doesn’t have to be that demanding. A few simple changes and additions to your wardrobe will make all the difference. If you think that looking good is superficial and takes too much time, see some of these simple but effective style tips.

Reasons and benefits of paying attention to your style:

  • Become more attractive.
  • Make better first impressions.
  • More likely to get job or become promoted.
  • Increase confidence.

Style Tip 1: Pay More Attention to What You Wear.

The first simple piece of advice is to go through your wardrobe and fully check the items you wear and those that you don’t Try them all on and get rid of the items that don’t fit or are old and outdated. By minimalising your wardrobe this will be sure to give you more focus on what you are wearing.

Style Tip 2: Exercise More.

Even if you purchase expensive clothes, they are often not designed to fit well if you are out of shape. By doing a daily work out your clothes will be sure to fit you better.

Style Tip 3: – Take care of your clothes

Taking care of your clothes ensures that you can afford expensive clothes and make them last. Read the labels of your clothes carefully and follow the instructions. Some shirts need cold washes whilst others only dry cleaning.

Style Tip 4: Get Some Custom Dress Shoes

Whilst Shoes are an after thought for most men, these can be seen as the most important part of an man’s outfit. For many, people will notice your shoes before they look at anything else. For the best occasions get yourself some nice dress shoes, good quality ones will last you for many years.

Style Tip 5: Master the basics

The last but most important tip is for you to master the basics of style. This way, shopping and choosing stylish clothes will be an easier task. Choose clothes that can be interchanged with others and be different combinations. The best way is to choose quality clothes, pay the extra if possible.

Important items include white and black shirts, dress shoes, oxford shirt and chinos.

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