Christmas Gift Ideas Your Girlfriend Will Actually Like

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The holidays are right around the corner and everyone seems to be scrambling to get those last minute gifts. Now, if you followed our guide on the Gifts to Impress Her on Your First Date, then it’s safe to assume that the first date went well and that you’re now on the lookout for the perfect Christmas gift. Luckily, here at Just A Guy Thing we have always got your back. Read on for a varied array of gift suggestions that your girlfriend will fall in love with.

A Comfy Jacket

For this first suggestion, let’s err on the practical side. The approaching holidays mean winter is upon us once again and with it comes the cold. One thing that’ll help fend off the chill is a nice and comfy jacket.

For this, you won’t want anything too heavy so she can choose to add a couple of more layers if necessary. Woman Within’s lightweight hooded jacket is perfect when you’re looking for this kind of versatility, as she will be able to wear it and look stylish all-year-round. The jacket’s sleek design is great as it is it’s neither overdone nor too bulky making it perfect for practically any occasion. As a bonus, getting your girlfriend a jacket means your own personal jackets will stop mysteriously going missing.

An Instant Camera

We all get a little sentimental sometimes. And while smartphones have afforded us the luxury of being able to take photos from anywhere and at any time there’s still something quite special about holding a photograph in your hands. But considering that most people are used to using their smartphones for taking pictures, some may find it difficult to make the switch. This is why you’ll want to get her something intuitive and easy to use, all while retaining all the functions that she would want from an instant camera.

Enter the Instax Mini LiPlay. The Instax Mini LiPlay is unlike any other Instax camera as it allows users to view the photo, similar to how smartphones work, before deciding to print. Now, she’ll be able to snap away without worrying about wasting shots, as she’ll be able to keep the best ones and save them to print for later.


The on-the-go lifestyle has been all the rage lately. And understandably so as people have been more invested in self-care, and this means living a more active lifestyle as a means of taking care of one’s health. A gift your girlfriend will surely love is some trendy activewear that she can sport inside and outside of the gym. Now, it wouldn’t be wise to just go out and get her some sweatpants and a tank. You’ll want to get her something that values both form and function, as activewear has evolved into a cultural movement.

Outdoor Voices perfectly represents these two things as their whole vision is geared towards #doingthings and seamlessly incorporating the active lifestyle into your everyday routine. Their iconic Excercise Dress is perfect for this as it’s made from light breathable material making it versatile enough for everyday use. It also comes in a wide array of colors and patterns ensuring that there will be something for everybody.

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