Your Mantelligence Briefing for November 5th

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Get ready because here it comes…the manliest link round-up on the web:

Super Sexy Sweater Kittens (see above) [COED Magazine]

iPhone Owners Make Bad Girlfriends [MadeMan]

Toolmanship: How to Use a Handsaw [Art of Manliness]

Rock Band: Badass ‘Stache Edition [Cool Material]

Top 5 Unintentionally Disturbing Viagra Ads [Gunaxin]

Ryan Newman escapes death at Talladega [All Left Turns]

7 Professional Wrestlers Who Unsuccessfully Tried Becoming Musicians [College Humor]

Bianca Jeffry is the International Babe of the Day [Double Viking]

My Favorite Halloween Costume [Tasty Booze]

How to Double Your Emails Replies from Women [TSB Magazine]

25 People With Horrible Fake Tans [Holy Taco]

Women of Extreme Sports…Grab The Tissues! [EgoTV]

An Introduction to Scotch Whisky [Primer Magazine]

Hot Girls Dressed As Snow White [Manofest]

nonnative VOYAGER Lace-Up Boot [StyleCrave]

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