Gifts to Impress Her on Your First Date

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Guys are often in a dilemma – to give or not to give a gift on the first date. The answer is in your instinct. What do you think about her after talking on the phone? Will she be comfortable if you give a gift on the first date or will she think you are trying too hard?

If you decide to gift her, you should shortlist a few gift ideas. Women are very sensitive about gifts, mind you! It will be better not to gift something that would turn her mood off. But what are your options? Most importantly, how will you understand what gifts to give her on your first date? This guide will work as a helping hand.

1. Check for photos with a teddy bear

Teddy bear is a safe gift to give on your first date. If you two have met at a dating site like LoveSita, you can go through her profile pictures to see if she has a photo with a stuffed teddy. A small stuffed toy will instantly make her giggle if it is one of her favorite cartoon characters.

2. Box of chocolates

You would argue that a box of chocolate is a bit cliché, but hey, it is time tested and has hardly failed to impress, especially on a first date. However, try to play safe with the box and the design of the chocolates. You wouldn’t want to scare her with a heart-shaped chocolate box with heart-shaped chocolate inside. That is an indication of trying too hard and can work against you.

3. A bunch of lilies or orchids

Another safe gift on your first date will be a bunch of orchids or lilies. If you can find out her favorite flower, awesome! If you don’t, orchids will please her. But don’t go too far and get a bunch of red roses. That will ring alarm bells in her mind that you’re taking things too fast.

4. A silk scarf

If you are tired of cliché gifts and want to surprise her with something unconventional, a silk scarf will be a great gift. Scarves are sophisticated, and they don’t fit in the type of gifts that women expect on their first date. So, a surprise may work in your favor.

5. A book

You will need to do some research to find out what type of book she loves to read. Talk to her about her hobbies and find out if she enjoys reading. If she’s into gossip magazines, you may as well gift her something else, but if she loves reading an author or a specific genre and has shared some of the names, you can look up and buy one of the books she hasn’t read. Gifting a book that she loves will make her understand that you genuinely like her.

It is always wise to do a bit of research before deciding on a gift for your first date. The idea is to impress but not show it outwardly. These suggestions should act as a guide to help you through with your first date. But you can always improvise and surprise her!

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