When you have the task of organising a Bachelor party in Las Vegas it is important to plan ahead, after all Sin City has so much to do and offer.

Here are our tips and hacks to ensure you and your friends, more importantly the Groom have a great time. After all this is a trip with big expectations.

Location of Hotel

Whilst it is easy to go for a 5* hotel in Las Vegas which is located far from all the action, this is often not the best idea. It is important that the hotel is located centrally on the strip as this will help you and the group get around from place to place. If you plan on going to different nightclubs or pool parties then try to stick within a short distance of these places. There is nothing worst than being far from everything. Walking in Las Vegas in the Summer months can be unbearable due to the high temperatures outside, have this in mind when planning.

Day Trips Away from the Strip

Going on a week long trip to Las Vegas sounds exciting, however it is advised that you break up the partying by doing things during the day. Whether it is going to the Grand Canyon on helicopter or the Hoover Dam which is much closer, plan these days so everyone knows what to expect.

Hoover Dam, Nevada

Where to Gamble

Everyone in the group will want to gamble and whilst there are slots, roulette and everything else in between everywhere in Las Vegas, the places are not all equal. Choose a luxury hotel and remember not to gamble more than you can afford to lose. For those readers looking to do this on your phone then here is a list of new websites to check.

Where to Party

Bachelor parties are normally made up of guys of different ages and therefore it is important to take this into account when planning the nightlife. Not everyone will appreciate going to a techno party starting at 2am. Fremont street, also know as the entertainment district is great for having the low key local vibe which is usually a good option.

Fremont Street, Las Vegas

Where to Eat

Managing a group of people can be hard and organising food choices even more difficult. However, Las Vegas has many different Buffet options on offer which is great because this allows for everyone to eat to their choice. We highly recommend the buffet at the MGM grand which is good value for the food on offer.