Travel lovers tend to put a lot of time into planning for their next big holiday, the one that defeats all previous getaways and allows them to enjoy their time away to the fullest. Some people look to see some of the great wonders of the world, explore strange lands, or return to a classic destination, but we’re looking at the famous and more novel destinations which can deliver a mix of epic nightlife activities along with superb drinks.

So, here are our top picks, with the recon done and some tips for how you can test the waters to see if it’ll be a good pick for your next big holiday.

Spin and swig in Sin City

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Perhaps the ultimate bucket list destination, Las Vegas, Nevada, sees millions of tourists pile onto The Strip every year. The American city has never shied away from what makes it appealing, forever advertising itself as “Sin City,” offering world-class evening entertainment, bars, clubs, live performers, and, of course, copious casino venues.

The casinos have long been the major draw of Las Vegas, but you don’t need to cross the pond to try the classic games before knowing if they’ll be right for you. The collection of highly-rated platforms that offer free spins present the clearest way to try out Vegas games online before going to explore hundreds of casino floors. Free spins allow you to play popular slots without paying per spin, so you can try the Sin City gaming experience without an additional cost as a beginner.

Being a city built on its nightlife appeal, Las Vegas offers just about every shooter, cocktail, beer, and other alcoholic beverage under the sun. However, the consensus is that, should you want the best drink on The Strip, you should look to the Vodka Cranberry. Naturally, classy vodka and cranberry juice make up the main components of this drink, but the key to making a world-class Vodka Cranberry is to add a dash of orange juice and sweetened lime juice.

Relaxing days with a wacky night in the City of Columns

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When people discuss a Caribbean holiday, most think of the beaches, cocktails, and barbequed food, and while this destination boasts all of those, Cuba is distinct from most other top Caribbean nations. Selectively secluded from the global onslaught of US capitalism, Cuba is, generally speaking, slow-moving, relaxing, and welcoming in its offering.

Much of the experience for visitors is exploring local restaurants and bars, but perhaps less-known is, particularly Havana’s, nightclub scene. Not afraid to buck the trends, one of the island’s true gems is Discoteca Ayala. The venue is 100-feet underground in the city of Trinidad and is as novel in its cave aesthetics as it is in its music mixes. While the setting is unique enough for it to deserve a visit, you may want to accustom yourself to the genres. You’ll hear your predicted salsa tracks for fiery dancing, but there’re also techno beats mixed in, which offers a rather strange blend that can be found on Spotify beforehand.

If you’ve ever had a cocktail at all, you’ll know that Cuba’s cup of tea is the Mojito. Given the location of Super Bowl LIV, it made for the perfect unofficial drink of the big game, so you may have had some recent experience with the beverage. If not, all that’s needed is some white rum, granulated sugar (or cane sugar, if you can get it), a tipple of soda water, juice from a lime, and, most importantly, some fresh mint leaves.

Explore the world’s cuisine in the City of Spires

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Easily among the most idyllic cities in the world, Copenhagen has also exploded into one of the most exciting destinations for cuisine. While the Danish capital is known for its canals, beverages, adorable buildings, and as being the happiest city in the world, now it’s pulling in people from around the world to try all sorts of food cooked to a world-class standard.

This boom of restaurants appears to centre around the success of the two-Michelin star Noma and its chef René Redzepi. From this venue, many have learned the craft at the highest level to open their own restaurants, ranging from those that specialise in local cuisine to others that infuse distinctly non-Danish foods, such as taco restaurants. Eating out is a classic way to start a great night in a bustling city, and it’s Copenhagen that offers you the best selection of exquisite venues to get going.

Denmark is famous for its home-grown beverages, many of which can’t be found easily elsewhere in the world. They still lean heavily into mead, and the potato and grains liquor known as Akvait is a must-try. However, to get ready to go, you can have a look at trying a Glogg. It’s essentially mulled wine, utilising cinnamon, nutmeg, and cloves with heated local wine and fruits.

If you’re looking to make your way to some of the best and most unique destinations for gaming, clubbing, or eating out, see if the offering of these nations suits your preferences.