Survival Gear list for sudden long distance Camping trip

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Camping is a unique outdoor personal experience to anyone who wants to travel and loves adventure. Whether camping in the outback or in the woods or places that you want to explore, this experience brings about the ability to camp or travel with the minimum but necessary essentials to survive. Out from our comfort zone this is what we must know how we can equip ourselves with the minimal but basic needs for travelling and surviving.

It could be anyone like you and your family or friends on a weekend suddenly decide for a long-distance camping trip. You want to go far away home to a new place where you want to stay and explore and spent some quality time in the outdoors and take a break from regular life.

The most important thing here is you should consider what you can bring along for such a sudden camping trip and thoroughly enjoy your time without having wasting time on getting everything from home.

Camping could be slightly challenging where you would not be able to enjoy the niceties of material goods of daily life but you have to prepare yourself for any challenges you may come across. You may not have access to a nearby convenient store or grocery as you would at home but you need to know what you can equip in your camping bag.

Of course, camping depends on the place, how much time you are going to spend, but for a weekend trip you will need not much more than one lightweight easy carry-on bag.

The following is a checklist and few tips that’ll come in use out on your camper bag for your trip  

Location Map

The first required thing of your trip is, you need to carry a physical map to determine the camping spot. A digital map can help you to have a better insight about your camping place and you can have an idea of what condition or situation you may expect. This will help you bag your essentials with the required needs.

You may have no network coverage or what if your phone or gadget stopped working. The best back up is to have the paper map. The paper map will help you find stable camping spot with little hassle to scout more than usual. The physical map will help you to locate your position and also guide you out of trouble in case of any emergency situation.

Portable Tent / Sleeping Bag

A sleeping bag is an essential and a must item to carry once you start your packing. The sleeping bag will give you the warmth and cushion on the rough outdoors surface when you want to relax, rest or take a small nap. It is wise to carry along, in case if you are to sleep anywhere without getting yourself dirty.

An alternative option for many campers is by using a lightweight tent. The tent is portable, you can mount it on any surface, especially the enclosed shade will protect you from rain, dust or snow. The basic need of a tent or a sleeping bag is to give you protection from extreme condition. And a tent or a sleeping bag eliminates the worry of carry excessive weight.

Water Bottle & Water Purifier

As early as it gets, water bottle used not only by campers but also by military soldiers commonly known as canteen is a must. As many Canteen are quite handy especially the ones that come with a nested cup from which you can easily drink water or even make soup.  Canteen are made suitable for outdoor activities. As such some canteen is insulated with a cloth – a protective layer that keeps the water cool and reduces its contents from evaporation.

Whether in a hot or cold terrain canteen is a must add. And with that addition of a water purifier will be of great benefit. The water filter comes in different size and shape. A portable water filter is easy to fit and will give you easy refill by reducing contamination with more access of drinking water. It’s a very effective solution. Needless to say, we all need Drinking water.

Flash lights & Binoculars

It is necessary to keep a handy flash light at all times. Select a small, lightweight. durable flash light that comes with easy hooking to your bag or you can have one with the head straps. The flash light is easy to activate. It will come in handy if you want to project light for a long period of time or out for a small evening walk or hike. Make sure you have the batteries all charged up or keep some extra dry cell batteries. In case of emergency the flash light will be a life saver.

Don’t forget to take a binocular as you may need to scout distant areas to ensure your safety. It’s very helpful to find out your required target as well. Using your binoculars with your location map can be life saver if you are lost or trying to reach to your desired spot quickly.

Multi-function Tool kit

A multipurpose tool kit is very important and campers always carry a multi-function tool kit in their bag. Some smart kits like the swiss knives can be used to perform a variety of small jobs easily and quickly. A smart tool kit is a good fit in the bag, at the same time it’s very reliable and safe to work with.

There are various kinds of tool kits, of them many includes pliers, scissors, knife, blade, bottle opener and so on depending on various models and depending on the usage. You don’t have to carry a heavy duty multi-function tool kit which may take a lot of spaces of your bag. You can carefully make your choice on a small and lightweight tool kit that will do any minor job easily.

First-Aid Kit

Of all the basic needs included, a first aid kit is a must to carry along. You never know a small mishap could ruin your camping trip.  A small untreated wound or a cut could be life threatening. So, it’s wise to keep a small first aid kit. Make sure you have adequate bandages, gauze, painkillers, aspirin, antibiotic tablets, creams and antacid taking with you. If you are taking prescribed medicine, bring along. Keep the medicines in a cool clear or a colored bright bag so they don’t get ruined and easy to find in an emergency.

All in all, the afore mentioned tool kits are essential no matter where you are going, out on a long trip or a camping trip. These essentials are easy to carry, and you can them in your camping bag. And if you happen to find your enthusiasm in camping and going out on a sudden long-distance trip – you may as well keep your camping bag always ready at the back of your car or at home. Happy Camping!

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