The FA Cup Final vs Champions League Final

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We at Just a Guy Thing have decided to go to one major football event this year, aside from the FIFA World Cup in Russia (More to follow). The choice is between the English FA Cup final and the UEFA Champions League final. Here we will compare the event in terms of tickets, prices, venue, city, country and overall experience. As fanatical football fans we watch all major games and these two matches are the biggest of the season. We look and compare the two finals and where they will take place.

 FA Cup Final

The (Emirates) FA Cup Final is the game of the final teams from the biggest domestic cup game in world football. The teams have yet to be decided to reach the final but it is always a great occasion for both sets of fans. More people watch the FA Cup Final than any other domestic club game in the world. 80,000 fans will be in Wembley for an English tradition and watch the FA Cup final.

Champions League Final

The UEFA Champions League final is arguably the biggest soccer game in world football each year. The only other game which is bigger is the World Cup. The two best teams in Europe play a one off match in a different city each year. With this being the biggest prize for the club competition, the event is a special occasion, now taking place on Saturday evening in May.


The capital of England is one of the best cities in the world with many exciting things to do and see. With the FA Cup Final being held at Wembley the transport system and overall experience this time will be amazing. The stadium is located just 25 minutes away from Baker Street which is close to where all the action is. London is an amazing city and whilst it is extremely busy and big no matter where you are you can have a great time. The cost of a hotel though is around £125 per night for a standard 3 star in the city whilst a beer will cost upwards of £6.


kiev, ukraine

Whilst Kiev is not a major tourist city, the local Ukrainian people are extremely hospitable people and will be happy to help travelling fans. The city is know for its architecture and museums and has a great nightlife, something us guys like. The price of everything is much cheaper here than in London, especially the food and drink. This looks like a great place to visit and we will be sure to document the trip. Normally hotel prices are cheap for the capital city of Ukraine however prices will rise to around the £90 range. Alcohol is much cheaper with the cost being on average around £2.00

Ticket Prices

The FA Cup Final tickets page SafeFootballTickets.com gives a full detailed account on where and how to get tickets for this game. Due to the extremely high demand for tickets, they give a full low-down on the process of securing seats. If you think tickets to FA Cup final can be expensive in the secondary market then you want to try getting Champions League final tickets.

If you think tickets to FA Cup final can be expensive in the secondary market then you want to try getting Champions League final tickets


The iconic stadium of world football, Wembley has great transport links and has a capacity crowd of over 80,000 people. The atmosphere generated here can an amazing experience and one we wish to have. The best sections in the stadium are club level but any seat alongside the pitch offers a great view. The better the seats though the higher price of the tickets. The majority of the team’s fans will take the seats behind the East and West stands with the corporate and hospitality tickets be alongside the North and South stands. Tier 5 is quite high up so expect a distant view.

Olimpiyskiy National Sports Complex

This is a great stadium and was recently renovated for the European Championships in the Ukraine. The stadium holds a capacity crowd of 70,000 and will be full for the Champions League final. The stadium is located in the heart of Kiev so fans will be able to fully enjoy themselves before and after the game. We are not certain if the city is putting on an open air screening of the game, we will update this article closer to the time.


The comparison website Ticket Yoda has the cheapest tickets for this game coming in at £900. The FA Cup is unlike any tournament in the world and whenever there is the chance to go to Wembley and watch the final we highly recommend any football fan to do so. However, the Champions League Final is the biggest football game in Europe each year and is watched by millions of people around the world. With this and the chance to experience a new European City we will have to side with the latter and get our passports ready for Kiev.

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