The Best Way to Buy Sports Tickets

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Many fans will understand that tickets to major sporting events can be expensive and hard to get. In order to get decent tickets and seats at reasonable prices then it definitely helps to know how and where to look. Not only is it important to understand how to navigate the primary ticket market it is is also important to know where to look when tickets are officially sold-out.

Depending on what tickets you want will ultimately determine where to search for tickets. All events have a primary ticket website and that can normally found on the official website of the event. Be sure to verify the website you are looking for is the official primary seller.

Are sports tickets hard to get?

Most sold-out events do in fact have a certain number of tickets available, however they are often released on the day of the event.  As sporting events are one offs, meaning that they are only played once, the demand for these events is higher than for example a concert which can be played at the same venue for several consecutive nights.

Where to Search

There are hundreds of secondary tickets websites including Stubhub, Seat Compare with the latter offering a full comparison of live prices from verified sellers.  Seat-Compare.com allows for filtering by section, location and price.  Other websites that are worth looking at are SuiteHop which specialises in boxes and VIP sections of venues.

Are Ticket Touts Still Outside

In the UK and Europe there are many ticket tours that operate outside stadiums and venues for all major events. Many fans do have a good experience using them and they often are cheaper than some prices online. However there is no guarantee with using this method and it is important to try and use a trusted ticket tout. Unless an event is sold-out and in extremely high demand the sale of fraudulent tickets is not something that is common. For the biggest events and artists then there is often an increase in the sale of fakes, try to take all the precautions you can.

Whilst the current Premier League and Europeans Leagues will be postponed and played behind closed-doors, next season live events will return.

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