9 Things to Keep in Mind Before Buying Disposable Vape Pens

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Vaping continues to increase in popularity, due in part to cigarette smokers who are looking to give up their habit for good. Vape pens work with a variety of e-liquids, allowing each user to choose the substance they prefer to vape. These devices come in both disposable and reusable styles, and the consumer decides which best meets their needs. What do individuals need to know when engaging in this activity?

What is Vaping?

When a person vapes, they use a device capable of heating the contents to the temperature needed to vaporize the substance without burning it. Water vaporizes when it reaches 212 degrees Fahrenheit, and most experts feel cannabis needs to reach a temperature between 350 and 400 degrees Fahrenheit for vaping. Individuals wanting to know the temperature needed to convert their e-liquid into vape will find more online at indejuice.com.

How Does the Device Achieve This Goal?

When a user pushes the power button on the device, the heating chamber activates and supplies the heat required to warm the cannabis oil or e-liquid. When this oil or liquid transforms into a vapor, the user inhales it. This mimics the action of smoking a conventional cigarette and may be of help to those who are looking to kick their tobacco habit.

Why Vape?

Researchers agree vaping poses less risk than smoking conventional cigarettes. Furthermore, it offers a convenient alternative to smoking, and users choose from portable solutions and tabletop devices. This allows them to enjoy a smoke just about anywhere.

All smoke comes with harmful toxins. When a person vapes, the toxins disappear completely, and former smokers find their respiratory function increases. The results appeared in the 2007 Harm Reduction Journal.

Vape Pens

Individuals find vape pens work much like e-cigarettes and are small and discreet. Users pay as little as $15 for a device or may invest hundreds of dollars for a pen they love. Certain devices require maintenance on the part of the user, while others are simply thrown away when the substance is consumed. A light on the device lets the user know when the dosage is complete, and some devices only activate when the user pushes a button. Others activate when the user takes a puff, much like they would on a conventional cigarette.

Purchasing a Vape Pen

Users need to know certain things before purchasing a vape pen. Keep the following in mind as you go to choose a device. In addition, consider other factors, such as price, to find the perfect device.

Interchangeable Parts

Pens that require maintenance come with interchangeable parts. Vape pens consist of five main parts. All include an atomizer, battery, button, cartridge or tank, and mouthpiece. Most devices incorporate 510 threading, as this allows the user to interchange cartridges and batteries with ease.

Experts recommend buying a disposable pen to start and become familiar with it before investing money in a more complex device. Basic, pre-loaded pens cost less, don’t require any maintenance on the part of the user, and are disposed of when empty. Using the Pen

Fully charge the device and read the owner’s manual to learn what the various buttons do before using the pen. Most buttons on the devices power the pen on and off, activate the atomizer, or change the temperature. Assemble the device and load the cartridge. Now you are ready to enjoy the desired e-liquid.

Disposable Devices

Users need to recognize disposable devices differ from those that are reusable. With a disposable device, the user takes a puff and waits for the light to appear. When it does, the dose is complete. There is no need to press a button to activate the heat source.

Number of Hits

When purchasing a vape device, inquire about the average number of hits. Every pen should provide a minimum of 100 hits, which many provide upwards of 200. Measurements vary by the pen selected, so always ask this question.

Test the Pen

Don’t purchase a pen and take it home before trying it out. Many dispensaries refuse to provide a refund even if the pen is defective. Set aside enough time to open the box, assemble the pen, and make certain everything works. This prevents the irritation and frustration that comes with a non-working device you just paid good money for.

Brand Options

Certain companies today offer pens featuring popular liquids. For instance, one person might look for a company that offers menthol products while another wants one that supplies conventional tobacco flavors. Finding these items shouldn’t be too difficult.


Reviews become of great help when it comes time to choose a vape pen. Message boards, google searchers, and vape shop employees serve as a valuable resource. Take the time to compare a range of products to find those that meet your needs while remaining within your budget. This ensures the right device is purchased.

Vape or Dab Pens

What is the difference between a vape pen and a dab pen? Many individuals new to vaping aren’t familiar with their options. Dab pens work with several types of concentrates and users state they offer a smoother smoke when one is using cannabis. Vape pens, in contrast, require less maintenance, work with e-liquids, and are easier to clean and refill. Consider this when choosing which type of pen to buy and use.

Vape Pen Options

Vape pens come in different styles, but users find the two main types are box mods and non-box mods. In addition, when choosing a vape pen, consumers must learn about the battery power of the device, any unique features, the overall performance, and the product design. When it comes to customization, box mods remain the preferred option. Non-box mods are more generic.

Consider the above when you go to select a vape pen. With many options on the market today, men and women discover they may start with a basic device and upgrade when they feel comfortable doing so. For those who have been vaping for a while, don’t fall into a rut. Purchase a new device with more customization options. Doing so offers several benefits that should not be overlooked.


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