5 Men’s Jackets to Buy Now

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A fashionable jacket is an essential item in every man’s wardrobe, and choosing wisely will add instant style to your outfits. Investing in a well-fitting jacket that shows off your individual style and personality is a great way to make a statement, and shield yourself from the rain and wind. To ensure you have a jacket suitable for all occasions and conditions, make sure you have these five styles in your wardrobe.

1. Velospeed

A gentleman’s classic, Velospeed jackets are sporty but practical garments, popularised by menswear giant Hackett. With four flap pockets to store your keys, wallet and gloves during the wintertime, this essential piece of clothing sits perfectly between smart and casual, allowing it to be worn for any occasion. The Velospeed jacket is flattering on every body type, and comes in a range of shower-proof fabrics, and a variety of colours. For colder weather, pair a navy Velospeed with a simple crew neck jumper over your favourite Oxford button-down shirt, and as the temperature starts to pick up, leave the jumper at home.

2. Denim jacket

A denim jacket is timeless, versatile, and will never go out of style. Best of all, it’s suitable for all seasons if styled appropriately. For example, light blue denim over a white T-shirt with chinos and trainers creates a suave summer BBQ look, while swapping the T-shirt for a rollneck sweater during mild winter days keeps you feeling warm and looking cool at the same time. Double denim is hard to pull off, but if you do want to wear jeans, just make sure they’re a different colour to the jacket.

3. Leather jacket

A leather jacket is an incredibly adaptable garment that can add a little rock and roll edge to your outfit. However, choose a jacket which is too big, and it will swamp your figure and ruin your silhouette, so make sure it smoothly fits your physique. To put together an iconic look, pairing a black leather jacket with a plain white T-shirt and pair of raw denim jeans. Slip into fresh trainers for a cool, casual ensemble, or smarten up with black Chelsea boots. And for a leather jacket that will really stand out, look out for embroidered or studded pieces which can add extra detail and texture.

4. Bomber jacket

Bomber jackets come in a range of styles, fits and colours that can effortlessly slip into your spring wardrobe. Some are plain and slim, while others are bolder and puffier, ensuring that there’s always one for every outfit. For example, a classic black nylon bomber jacket will complement your athleisure get-up, while a white one makes a bold statement when matched with lighter-coloured garments like soft blue jeans.

Unless you’ve chosen a cropped style, the perfect bomber jacket should always rest loosely on your hips. Make sure the cuffs are tight, but don’t let them rest past or above your wrists. To be sure that your bomber jacket is the right fit, check where the collar sits — if it touches your neck, you’re good to go.

5. Gilet

A gilet is a lightweight way to keep warm, and though this jacket has traditionally been worn in oversized and puffy fits, newer styles are slimmer and more flattering, allowing them to serve as an extra layer beneath another jacket or coat, or as a top layer. For example, they can be worn over a casual polo shirt with chinos or, for more sophisticated occasions, between a topcoat and tailored suit. You can even wear a checkered shirt underneath to switch up your look. The easiest way to wear a gilet is over a shirt or comfortable knitwear, but keep them in neutral colours like black, grey, navy or maroon, so that you aren’t restricted in what you can pair it with.

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