How to Save for a Family Beach Trip

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A beach is the place to be the second the weather starts to warm up. With fun ocean water to splash in and beautiful sand to warm away from the winter blues- there are endless reasons people flock to beaches. Unfortunately, unless you live in a beach town, taking a family beach trip can be horrifyingly expensive.

If you’re wanting to take that big trip, but are short on funds, here are some ways to save that will make it possible for your family.

Trade Things; Don’t Give Them Up Entirely.

Many articles out there will scold people for spending any money in their daily lives. Unfortunately, telling people to cut out almost everything that makes their day to day liveable is not reasonable. If you’re saving for a vacation- but you’re miserable the whole time- the holiday won’t feel worth it anymore.

Instead of buying coffee every morning- make it at home, but also buy yourself one nice creamer or bag of coffee. You’ll still save money, but you’ll also be able to enjoy your coffee almost as much. Instead of spending forty bucks for a family of four to go to a movie, spend ten on popcorn, snacks, and drinks and make a big deal of a movie night at home. Just reduce how much you spend, and still give yourself wiggle room to enjoy your week.

Sell Clutter Online

If your house feels like it’s losing extra space so quickly that you’re looking at Miami houses for sale to get away from it all- it’s time to declutter. Look at clothes you haven’t worn in ages, furniture that gathers dust in storage, or old phones you know you’re never going to use.

A lot of people have things they can easily sell online or in a yard sale. Look into your extra items, and figure out if someone else would be able to make better use of them. If your kids also have older things they’re willing to let go of, from gaming systems they haven’t touched in years, to old tablets that have upgraded- work with them and sell those as well. If a child isn’t ready to give something up- don’t make them. They’ll be miserable knowing it was just for a vacation.

Use Coupons and Shop Deals

Save money less tangibly by working to find valid coupons and deals. Sites like Groupon offer deals that may make a vacation more attainable. You can save money in other ways, by going a little earlier or later in the season, or bundling your vacation package together. Take time to shop around, don’t just go for the first deal you see, there’s bound to be something better out there for you.

Your vacation is a time to cut loose and have fun! Don’t let yourself stress about money- plan and be mindful, but enjoy yourselves! Your family beach trip is about you and your loved ones enjoying some time together- make sure you have fun!


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