Tips on how to get Liverpool FC Tickets – 7 Ways

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If you are a Liverpool FC fan then you will probably not understand the difficulty of getting tickets to a game. At times it feels like it is the hardest ticket in the world to get hold of. This season is even more difficult with them on course of winning the English Premier League for the first time in over 30 years. Tickets for Liverpool home games are some of the most expensive in the world.

Being familiar with both the official ways and the secondary ticket market, here are the best ways we can recommend for getting tickets.

1. Official Liverpool FC Box Office

This is the first place for Liverpool fans to go and check, however this is just to become aware with the buying process. The club will inform you to purchase a membership, around £25-35 in order to apply for tickets. We highly recommend that you join the membership at Liverpool FC, the games in the FA Cup and EFL often go on sale to members. The week before the games, tickets are often released online with priority for members with points. These points are accumulated with previous purchase history meaning that if you didn’t attend a game in the previous season then chances are highly limited.

2. Ask on Social Media

If you have many friends that are fans of Liverpool FC then be sure to ask, whether that is Facebook or your twitter account. Not only is this a good way of getting tickets, it is also a good way of getting them from trusted sources. Of course if you don’t know the seller then buyer beware but if it is a friend of a friend then chances are they are verified.

3. SafeFootballTickets.com

The owner at SafeFootballTickets.com set up the website to give free and solid advice on where to get Liverpool fc tickets to all the major teams. Recently they have even offered to help you search for tickets for you from one of their partner websites. Whilst they do try the official channels first, they often come back with tickets from verified sellers at a higher price than usual.

4. Secondary Ticket Market

There are many websites that sell Liverpool FC tickets but most don’t have direct access. The idea is that you use a solid website and use your credit card. Whilst some charge an extra fee it is more than worth it in case you need to get a refund. Debit cards are not covered and with this it is harder to get money back should the tickets have issues.

5. Book An Official Package

Sometimes the cheapest tickets for Liverpool FC is to buy an official hospitality package. Whilst to many this means paying £300+ for the platinum packages this is often cheaper than the secondary ticket market. If there is ever a team to watch VIP it is with Liverpool. The following hospitality packages are highly recommended: The Dugout, The Bootroom and the 1892 Lounge. Not only will you get great service and food and drink included you will most importantly get a ticket to the game.

6. Choose An Away Match

Anfield is the iconic home stadium of Liverpool FC and with this the demand is higher here tan anywhere else. A good tip is to choose an away match and whilst sitting in the away seats is more expensive, it is often cheaper than home games. The cheapest tickets will be in the home section but be sure not to wear Liverpool colors, it could cause unnecessary issues and is not recommended.

6. Choose A Cup Match

If you don’t want to spend hundreds of pounds watching a Liverpool match then the best advice is to choose a cup game. The EFL cup and early rounds in the FA Cup are best and often the official channels have availability. As soon as any fixture is announced then be sure to logon to the official website and check the buying process and availability.

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