8 Best Places To Have Sex Outdoors

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During the COVID-19 pandemic, our lives have become monotonous and boring. Every day we wake up, brush our teeth, open our laptops and start our remote work. Due to lockdowns, every restaurant or pub is closed, so there is nothing interesting we can do outside. But wait a minute. Nothing, really?

Sex in public places can be so exciting! It can finally add some spiciness to your life and provide more fun. You just have to be careful when choosing the site, as you probably don’t want to be seen by random people or caught by police.

Continue reading, and you will find out about the eight best places to have sex outdoors, ranging from sex on the beach, in your car, and on a rooftop to sex in a tent or inside a cave, among others. Don’t wait! Get your real feel dildos, condoms, blanket, and go wild!

On the Beach

Beaches are one of the most common places for public sex. It’s supposed to be very exciting – hearing waves splashing, feeling a salty breeze blowing across your body and sand under your while having sex with your partner right near the ocean.

However, to make this experience pleasant and comfortable, it is crucial to choose the right, clean spot and bring a blanket with you. You can have sex on the beach on various sites – sand dunes, under palm trees, or even on a boat. It would be even better to try it at night when the moonlight and starlight are lighting up your bodies. You should definitely try it!

In the Woods

If you don’t want to have sex on the beach but still yearn to have it outdoors, just go to a forest! It’s great there – trees provide shade from the sun and serve as a background for a good picture. Forests are so beautiful that they look unreal, making the whole experience even more exciting. Plus, you can hear birds chirping or creeks and streams with water splashing, which adds more atmosphere to the entire process.

On the Rooftop

Rooftops provide lots of privacy and amazing views as well. You can enjoy the sunset or sunrise while having sex; it can be extremely romantic. Don’t worry about people seeing you from below, as some fence usually covers roofs. Also, make sure that you have enough privacy before you start doing it so that nobody will interrupt your fun.

In a Tent

Who knows how many couples have had sex in tents? Tents are like portable bedrooms that can be placed almost anywhere, and they are perfect for having sex in the forest or a meadow safely. The best part is that you don’t have to worry about bugs crawling on your skin – it’s like a mini house where you have sex in private!

Inside a Cave

Caves are very mysterious places, and they’re also fascinating and exciting for having sex in them. Although it may not be the most comfortable spot, a blanket can turn it into a place where you can spend good time together and make love without worrying about anything else. Plus, caves are often at the foot of mountains, so you can enjoy some fantastic views while making love.

On a Mountain Top

We can’t forget about hiking! There are lots of amazing mountains worldwide, and they are perfect for having sex on their tops. It’s a very romantic idea: to go on a hike with your partner and enjoy the breathtaking views and your intimate time together while making love.

In an Airplane or Train Toilet

Sometimes you need to do something really drastic if you want to spice up your sex life. And this is exactly what plane and train toilets are perfect for. They are always empty, small, and provide lots of excitement that you need to add to your sex life. Just don’t forget to lock the door when you’re in there!

Your Car or Van

Just like car sex, sex in a van is very intimate, but the latter might be a bit more convenient, though. There’s simply more space to move freely inside of it. Another difference between having sex in a car and van is that many couples prefer doing it in a van for its unique atmosphere. No one will see you, no one will hear you. You can just relax and enjoy the moment.

Besides, sex in car parks is often depicted in movies. It is a bit more extreme and exciting place to have sex than just parking your car or van in some secluded area – especially because of the possibility of getting caught by passers-by or police officers. So if you want to try something new and exciting, don’t hesitate to have sex in a car park.


Having sex outdoors is an excellent option to spice up your sex life, especially if it starts getting dull and uninspiring due to the lockdown. Some public places can be risky and therefore more intrigued for some people to have sex in there – such as beaches, parks, or forests. However, you can still find places that will provide you and your partner with enough privacy and excitement – such as tents, rooftops, or your own car.

Choose whatever works best for you, but don’t forget about condoms – safety first.

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