A Gentleman’s Guide to the LELO F1s Male Sex Toy

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Most commonly when we think of “sex toys,” we imagine toys for women, but sex tech for men
is here and it’s seriously here . The sex toy veteran company, LELO, recently ideated and
crafted the first high-tech, high-performance blowjob simulator. The best part? It can be
connected to your smartphone and customized to your personal pleasure settings. It’s a new
immersive experience we think every guy should try.

How To Use The F1s

If this male pleasure device has peaked your interest, let’s get into the nitty gritty of how the F1s
actually works. The most revolutionary part of the F1s Developer’s Kit RED is that it’s
open-source, which means if you’re a coder, you can get it to do anything you can think up in
your app developer mind. You can sync it to the beat of your favorite Jimi Hendrix soundtrack,
or design stimulation patterns to improve your erectile stamina overtime. It’s actually a pretty
cool way to track your sexual performance.

So You’re Not A Developer…

Have no fear. The Prototype F1s is just as fun for the average guy as the RED kit is for coders.
If controlling the device with your phone might be too complicated for you, it also comes with an
easy-to-use, 3 button interface that can be controlled single-handedly. And while we know other
male masturbator sleeves exist on the market, the F1s uses SenSonic Technology, which is a
fancy word for sonic pulses that penetrate deep into genital tissue, as opposed to the common
vibrations that barely scratch the surface when it comes to arousal. It also contains another
important technology they term “Cruise Control.” Unlike most sex toys that lose power the
harder they are pressed against your body, LELO designed this product so that it saves 20% of
its overall power to unleash during those climaxing moments.

Differences Between the F1s Prototype & F1s RED

At first glance, both products are the same dimensions and contain the SenSonic and Cruise
Control technologies. These sextech masturbation sleeves have a ton of sensors that allow
performance trackability, like duration, intensity, and even hardness. The F1s Prototype takes
more of a “plug and play” approach, which to be fair is probably more than enough for most of
The main difference is the F1s RED contains the software developer’s kit that allows
programmers to create their wildest masturbation code imaginable. This is designed specifically
for the technically-inclined pleasure seekers who see beyond limits. The F1s RED also contains
a window on the side of the device that allows you to see the sleeve contracting, which you
know had to have been developed by men since all of us are what they would consider “visual
learners” when it comes to the sex realm.

Tech Specs

● Android/Apple compatible
● Fully waterproof
● USB rechargeable
● 2 hours of use per charge
● Premium-textured aluminum body
● Silicone inner sleeve
● Dual motor with 10 performance sensors
● Window panel for viewing pleasure (F1s RED)
● Curved inner grooves for increased sensation
● 3-button interface on device for one-handed use
● Software developer’s kit (F1s RED)
● Insertable length: 4.35in
● Weight: 0.63lbs
LELO’s F1s is pushing boundaries for the sake of pleasure, and we can respect that.
Game on, boys.

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