Busting the Myths About Sex Toys

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Although everyone and their mothers know that a lot of people use sex toys, there are still plenty of myths going around. These myths are more old wives’ tales than anything else. Still, some of them are so prevalent they might persuade the young and uninitiated people who still haven’t tried sex toys to stay away from them.

To prevent that from happening, we’re providing a community service right here and now and busting all the myths about sex toys!

Sex Toys Are Only for People Who Suck at Sex

The most common myth about sex toys is that the only people who use them are those who have no idea what to do in bed. The basis of this myth is simple. If you need help, it’s because you’re clueless.

In reality, it’s usually the more experienced lovers that have the wisdom to utilize every tool at their disposal to provide both their partner and themselves with more pleasure.

If You Use a Cock Ring, You Must Have an ED

Erectile dysfunction is a common problem among men. More importantly, it’s nothing to be ashamed of. Men who struggle with ED usually do so in silence out of fear that society will judge them or think of them as “less than others.”

Although cock rings and other sex toys are massively beneficial to men with ED, all men can and should use them. They can help men with getting and maintaining a stronger erection. They can also make men last longer in bed. Therefore, this myth is complete nonsense, and men who think they need to have an ED to get a cock ring are missing out.

If Your Girl Has a Vibrator, She’s Essentially Replaced You

Many men feel insecure if their partner has and frequently uses a sex toy. They feel as though they’ve been replaced by an automated toy. What’s more, they feel they can’t keep up with a motorized sex aid.

In reality, they can’t. There really are no men out there with vibrating dicks. However, the notion that a woman can replace a man with a vibrator is ridiculous. In reality, sex toys can help both partners achieve great pleasure. They are there to lend a helping hand, not push anyone out of bed.

Sex Toys Can Cause Addiction

Just like with masturbation, there are plenty of different versions of myths about sex toys causing addictions. You’ve probably heard them before, warning you about the potential dangers of your male masturbators ruining your life forever.

When you think about it rationally, you can clearly see that all male masturbators do is bring you immense pleasure. Male sex toys can no more cause addiction than any other tool you use to help yourself out with anything else.

If You Use a Sex Toy Often, You Can Become Desensitized

This myth goes in a completely opposite direction than the previous one. It states that the sex toy industry has improved so much lately that they’ve started launching toys that feel much, much better than the real thing. Therefore, if you use them often or long enough, you’ll become desensitized and won’t enjoy having actual sex as much.

It’s true that the sex toy industry is constantly coming up with new and improved toys. However, it’s completely ridiculous to think a new stroker texture or a blowjob machine feature might make you completely forget about real sex.

Men Only Use Toys When They Can’t Have the Real Thing

You’ll often hear people assume that men who say they own a sex toy are single. Some might even go so far as to call them “desperately single.”

If that ever happened to you, we’re very sorry. It’s a byproduct of the myth that men go for “the real thing” if they can, but when they can’t, they’ll settle for a sex toy.

Although there’s nothing inherently wrong with using sex toys during dry spells or when you’re single, this myth is complete crap. Men use sex toys regardless of whether they are in a relationship or not.

Men Who Use Anal Sex Toys Aren’t Straight

This is one of the most infuriating myths out there. It perpetuates the stereotype that anal pleasure is something only non-straight men can enjoy. It has no basis in reality, and the sooner people realize that, the better.

Straight men often fear the stigma that comes with using anal toys and thus shy away from them. They think people will consider them less straight for trying them out. In more extreme cases, some even think that anal play might make them “change their mind about their sexuality.”

The only thing that can make you gay (or bi or queer) is being gay. Anal play and enjoying anal toys have nothing to do with it.

You Can Share Your Sex Toys With Anyone

This is actually one of the more dangerous myths circulating out there. Sex toys are shareable, yes, but you shouldn’t share them with anybody (and everybody).

Depending on what material the toy is made out of, it can act as a conduit for various foreign particles and bacteria. Therefore, if you’re thinking about sharing your toy with someone who isn’t your long-term partner, clean the toy before each of you uses it or, better yet, use protection with it. When it comes to playing with strangers, the “no glove, no love” rule applies even to artificial penises!

It Doesn’t Matter What the Toy Is Made Out Of

It absolutely matters what material the toy is made out of! Toys made from materials that aren’t completely body-safe can be dangerous. They can become breeding grounds for bacteria and cause infections.

Always use sex toys made out of medically tested, body-safe materials.

Sex Toys Can Make You Feel Disconnected from Your Partner

Some people (wrongfully) believe that using sex toys can make them feel disconnected from their partner. They think that because a sex toy isn’t the “natural” way to have sex with your partner, the intimacy between the two of you will somehow diminish.

If we objectively look at things, we can see that couples that use sex toys have better and more open communication. They talk about their needs and desires. What’s more, they aren’t afraid to voice their opinions. They are also willing to provide their partner with what they need in order to feel satisfied.

All of these factors contribute to higher levels of connection and intimacy. Therefore, this myth, just like all the other ones on our list, has no legs to stand on. Sex toys bring couples together, not apart. They are an excellent way to introduce some novelty into the relationship and satisfy your partner in a multitude of ways.

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