5 Reasons Why Vaping is so Popular

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Over the past several years,  the use of vaping e-cigarettes has increased so much that it is now mainstream. Millions of people have taken up vaping instead of smoking traditional cigarettes and almost everywhere you go you will see people vaping. There are many reasons why the industry has taken off so rapidly, we discuss and describe the benefits.  Here are some reasons why vaping has taken off so much.


There is nothing worst than going on a date or chatting to a lady that smokes only to be overcome with the strong smell of tobacco The odor is so powerful that it is definitely unpleasant and so strong that it clings to your clothes. Even being around smokers makes you smell like you have an packet of cigarettes. Vaping on the other hand is odorless meaning that there is no smell making it a great reason why to choose vaping over actual smoking.

The Cost

The price of cigarettes in the UK is extremely expensive and one of the highest in the world. With this the price is rising each year because of the added tax. Smokers needing a packet of cigarettes every day can spend as much as £400 a month. Compared to actual smoking vaping e-cigarettes is much cheaper and will save users financially and health wise.


Whilst companies can’t legally claim that vaping is healthier than cigarettes, it should be noticed that actual smoking traditional cigarettes is extremely harmful and connected with many different illnesses and diseases. The more people smoke the higher the risk they have with getting heart disease and  cancer, having strokes.

No Fires

As vaping doesn’t burn anything this means that if you drop your vape there is zero risk in it burning anything unlike traditional cigarettes which cause hundreds of fires, some fatal, each each year. Fires started by lit cigarettes are reportedly the cause of  more than 10% of all fire-related deaths.

Social Aspect

Over the years, governments have invested millions in making smoking be negatively portrayed for reasons including the healthcare costs and health consequences .Smoking traditional cigarettes can impact your social life, take dating for example, it is rare to find smokers dating non-smokers. Law and legislation now means that smoking requires the smoke to leave buildings, bars and restaurants if they want to smoke.

As you can see it is is simple why vaping has been so dominant and the industry has gone from strength to strength.

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