Five Signs She Likes You (But Is Playing Hard To Get)

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Reading a woman’s body language will give you many visual clues which hint that she likes you (but might be playing hard to get). Find out how to read the most basic open gestures of body language in this article.

Following on from the previous article Five Signs She Doesn’t Like You (And Will Break Your Heart) we can now look at the open gestures which are usually a good indication that she’s interested in you (but is possibly playing hard to get!).

The Five Open Gestures

Gesture 1 – The Butterfly

The butterfly is the gesture she makes after you’ve made eye contact with her across a crowded room. Essentially, the eye contact is a call-to-action. You want to see some sort of reaction from her to show that she is interested or attracted to you. Playing with her hair, adjusting her clothes or jewelery, and fiddling with her straw in her drink are all butterfly reactions. If you get any of these signs, she may well be interested in you.

Gesture 2 – The Palm Reader

Exposed wrists and palms are signs of openness and sincerity which she will present to people she is interested in. Subconsciously, she is saying “If you want me, come and get me”. This is very similar to The Pointer, whereby she will “point” at you with her foot or knee (when her legs are crossed).

Gesture 3 – The Leaning Tower of Love

This gesture can be seen when she leans forward towards you. Her upper body will be facing you if she’s interested. In essence, she will lean forward and point at what she wants. Unlike the tower of Pisa, this gesture means she is not made of stone! (Too cheesy? Maybe..)

Gesture 4 – The Cheshire Cat

This is a bit of a no-brainer. If she smiles at you when you make eye contact, get over there immediately and strike up some conversation. She is very keen.

Gesture 5 – The Midas Touch

If she is touching you a number of times while you are talking, for example, tapping you on the arm when making a point, she is very interested. She’s probably not even playing that hard to get at this point, so go in for the kill!

Obviously, there are many different gestures and signals which show her interest in you, but learning the basics now will allow you to pick up the more complicated signs easily later. Once you understand the science behind body language, the gestures mentioned in this article are common sense and can be applied to many different situations in all aspects of your life.


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