What To Expect When You Combine Online Dating and Video Chats

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If you think you already have online dating figured out, get ready to throw half of that information right out the window – online dating turns into a whole different ball game when you add video chats to the mix. Why? Because they allow you to actually develop online relationships, instead of making everything happen within text chats.

Most of the dating sites that include video chats will be adult dating sites, like Shagle, so there’s often the potential to take an online relationship from initial introductions to virtual intercourse. What would this typically look like? Here are some more details.

It’s common to meet potential dates for the first time through video chats, so ideally you should look your best.

Looking your best doesn’t necessarily refer to your clothes, although that’s part of it. In the context of adult online dating, you’ll also have to pay some attention to what you look like on someone else’s computer screen. This doesn’t mean that you have to invest a wad of cash in professional-grade webcam and mic equipment; in fact, a decent light source will do half the work for you. Avoid being back-lit, or using a light source that comes in from an extreme angle. Diffuse, natural light works best.

As for your webcam and microphone, anything that’s decent should suffice. If you feel like your webcam quality isn’t good enough, check your WiFi signal first; it could be that your internet just isn’t fast enough to support the image that your webcam is capturing.

People may not think about this consciously, but it’s pretty much a given that if you’re video chatting at 240 p, you may not be taken that seriously. It’s a bit like showing up to a first date in an old t-shirt and faded jeans; it gives people the impression that you don’t care that much, so they’ll be more likely to move on in search of someone else.

Catfishers and romance scammers don’t care for video chats, so there’s less of a risk of getting taken for a ride.

Even if you can spot a scam from a mile off, it should still be a relief to know that you won’t have to deal with quite as many spurious accounts while you’re video chatting. The most common scams on dating websites rely on the fact that you can’t see the person’s face, making it easy to create a fake identity – or several. With video chatting, though, that type of lie would be uncovered in seconds, so they typically don’t even try.

Even so, this doesn’t mean that everyone on adult dating sites will be there with honest intentions. If you’re on a dating site that promises anonymity for its members, for instance, you could potentially meet someone who tries to steal your identity. If they start asking about your full name, date of birth, address, email, or similar information that could be used to identify or hack you, that’s a pretty big red flag. Just use some common sense, and you should be fine.

You’ll probably have a better experience if you know what you want beforehand.

You can find a wide range of offerings, depending on which adult dating site you choose. Some of them are for people who want a one-and-done type of interaction, while others make it possible to do anything from enjoying a bit of flirting, to fostering a long-term relationship. The thing is, most users will be there with a specific result in mind – and you should too. If you don’t start out with some kind of plan, you could end up spending a lot of time on getting results that you didn’t really want.

In addition to knowing what you want, you should also decide on what you don’t want. Everyone has different personal boundaries, and you could eventually come across someone who wants to take your shared activities further than you’re totally comfortable with. If you haven’t already decided where to draw the line, you might end up just going along with the game plan and regretting it afterwards. If you know your personal limits, though, that’s a lot less likely to happen.

What options do you have when you’re dating via video chat, anyway? Some people prefer one-time encounters to commitment, and those are pretty easy to find on an adult dating site no matter what your preferences might be. Other people like to take a slower approach to finding a partner, and this is where video chats really get their chance to shine.

Adult dating sites are known for their relaxed policies regarding sexual content – which can definitely be an advantage in an online relationship – but it’s also possible to use video chats for any number of dating-related activities.

What would you do on a regular date? Going out for a meal is a popular choice, so how would you make that work with a webcam? You could order some takeout, light some candles, and decide who’s in charge of the music. As long as you can think outside the box, you could have all kinds of fun with your romantic interest – all with the help of video chats.

Sometimes it’s the small details that really make someone seem special.

No matter how eloquent someone can get in a text chat, there’s no substitute for seeing all the little mannerisms that make them unique. The way they laugh, cry, and struggle to open a water bottle would all be lost if you weren’t able to actually see them. If you’re using video chats as a part of online dating, though, it’s possible to form a real bond that you’d never get with a traditional dating site.

Video chats can spice up any dating experience.

Whether you’re looking for a cheeky sex chat or a life-long partner, video chats can make it happen. Is the perfect person waiting for you online? Maybe it’s time to go find out!


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