Clever Ways To Find Your Partner’s Ring Size … Without Asking Them

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Are you the type of person who considers yourself an online sleuth? Maybe you’ve solved the mystery of that high school friend who suddenly lists her Facebook status as “single” or abruptly deletes all photos of her longtime significant other. Or perhaps you know the value of all your friend’s houses, courtesy of Zillow and a bit of time on your hands.

When you’re ready to pop the big question to the love of your life, however, you’ll need to know your partner’s engagement ring size. How to find that ring size, though? If you don’t already know right off the bat, don’t feel bad. Most people who wear rings don’t always know their own size. So it’s a super common problem, one that’s easily solvable, and you can even find your partner’s ring size without asking (though neither a Google search nor a scroll through social media will likely be of much help in this department.)

Whether you’re a master spy or a total novice, here are some tips on how to be subtle while cracking the code of how to find someone’s ring size without asking — you know, in order to maintain the element of surprise.

Phone A Friend

Even if you weren’t around during the age of the game show “Who Wants to Be a Millionaire?” You can totally pick up the phone — or send a text or meet up for coffee — and ask your fiance-to-be’s BFF or a close family member. Will they know her ring size? Maybe … or maybe not.

But they can possibly act as your eyes and ears by taking a peek at your partner’s jewelry when she’s not looking, trying on a ring your significant other regularly wears, or subtly asking.

The average women’s ring size is a size 6, and it’s about 8.5 for men. So that at least gives you a general rule of thumb — or ring finger — as a starting point.

Measure An Existing Ring

Does your beloved regularly wear her grandmother’s antique gemstone ring on her ring finger? Or maybe she has an old class ring that still fits well. If you want to go into stealth mode, you can covertly borrow a ring she’s not wearing and take it to a jeweler to ensure the right size. You also can use a piece of string to measure the inside of the ring or trace a circle on a piece of paper and compare the measurement to an online printable ring size chart.

Be Subtle

If you’re not comfortable asking a friend for help or measuring existing rings, you can still go into spy mode. Casually mention that you’re looking for engagement rings to see if they mention a size. If you’re playing the long game, give her a promise ring early on or a ring to commemorate an anniversary so you have the right sizing to work with when it’s time to plan your proposal.

Don’t want to get her all excited for a proposal by giving her a decoy ring? Throw her off the scent by telling her you’re shopping for your mom, grandmother, or sister, and have her try on an inexpensive alternative ring to see how it looks on her finger. If you really want to flex your detective muscles, wrap two fingers around her ring finger while you’re holding hands, and then leave the room to trace the outline of that circle to get a rough idea of size.

Work With A Jeweler

Is subtlety not your strong suit? That’s OK too. Not everyone is cut out for a life of subterfuge. If you feel weird about rifling through her jewelry box or measuring her finger with a piece of string while she’s sleeping, you can go the less stealthy route. A jeweler may be able to tell a ring size with his or her trained eye. You can arrange to bring your partner into the store to shop for a bracelet or necklace and have the jeweler take a look at her finger. Or you can have the jeweler suggest rings that complement a necklace she has her eye on.

Consider A Placeholder Ring

Can’t crack the size code no matter how hard you try? It’s not a failed mission. You can literally propose with anything — an adjustable cocktail ring, a silicone band, a ring that’s as close to her size but can be resized later, or even a novelty ring from a gumball machine. It’s the sentiment, after all, that counts. And maybe the element of surprise isn’t even important to her, and she’d really value a ring-shopping excursion to make the decision together.

Exercise Patience

Even if you found the names of your elementary school friend’s children via a quick Facebook search, you may not be able to get instant results when unearthing your spouse-to-be’s ring size. It may just take a little longer to get the info you need.

Still wondering how to find a ring size? Relax! While you may be up against a challenge, with a little planning and creativity, you’ll be sure to get their ring size without asking. And then, you can pop the question and enjoy the look on their face when they see this traditional symbol of commitment. Best of luck on your sleuthing mission!

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