Five Streetwear Essentials Every Guy Needs

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Streetwear is a relatively new fashion subsection, and it means different things to different people. Even those who create and market streetwear don’t necessarily agree on exactly what makes items ‘street’. For many it’s something that contrasts with the high fashion of the catwalk; printed t shirts, oversized trousers, hoodies and caps, rather than suits and thousand-pound shirts.

But after the recent shift towards comfort rather than the stiff, tailored style of previous years, street style is now taking its place on the main stage. No longer considered a style just for city youths and hip-hop bands, everyone can add a bit of street style to their wardrobe. Here are some essential buys to get you started.

Tracksuits and Leisurewear

Comfort has always been a staple of street style. It’s about showcasing your fashion personality without compromise, and matching track sets are a great way to do that. For a modern twist, try paring track pants with a matching denim jacket; turning the hoodie and jeans combo completely on its head while retaining the same street vibe!


Street style evolved from surf style, with large, loose t shirts being an absolute essential. Plain colours with graphic prints on the front or back are everywhere nowadays and are used by everyone to express their likes, dislikes, and sense of humour. Graphics can include nods to bands, favourite films, memes, and quotations. There are even plenty of websites that will let you customise your own for maximum individuality.


While it’s a shame to cover up those hilarious t-shirts, the weather at this time of year rarely allows us to go without some sort of thicker layer. Hoodies are the most comfortable way to layer up and that definitely ticks the street style box. Whether zip-up or one-piece, hoodies can be used to make a strong statement with bold and busy prints, camouflage, and graffiti styling all the rage right now.

Cargo Pants

Comfort is back in style and cargo pants have always screamed laid-back. These slouchy trousers are giving tracksuit bottoms a run for their money this season as a great alternative for keeping it loose, whether at home or out and about. Combine your cargo pants with this season’s must-have camo print to take full advantage of the 2022 street vibe.


Footwear is another highly customisable aspect of the streetwear style and just like the unique and stylish t-shirts we’ve been seeing, trainers also come in all different colours and styles. Chunky soles, bold colours and prints, and neon laces all make sure that your feet don’t get forgotten about. If streetwear started as a way to be unique and carve out an identity apart from the crowd, then today’s trainers have totally encapsulated that revolutionary spirit.

Putting it all Together

Streetwear is all about wearing your clothes, your way. You don’t need to be dressed head to toe in graffiti prints to be able to claim the style, it’s what makes you comfortable and expresses your personality. You can combine any number of different items to make your street style unique. A print hoodie and camo cargo pants are just as street as a matching blue track set with neon trainers.

In Summary

The essentials that make up your streetwear wardrobe are all based around comfort and individuality. Printed t shirts, hoodies, tracksuits, cargo pants, and trainers look good on any body shape, and you can always find the right colour and print combination to say what you want to say with your look. Keeping a few different essentials in your wardrobe will mean you can add a streetwear edge to any outfit and continue to express your personality through your fashion choices.

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