3 Tips to Keep Your Girlfriend Happy

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This is a guest post from Brent Postal

When your girl is happy, everything else seems to fall into place. Dinner is ready when you get home. The oil in her car is adequately filled. And the sex is perfect. But as a relationship lengthens, it can become increasingly difficult to keep the Ms.?s smiling. Here are some time-tested things you can do:

1. Give her a massage

Do this right and she?ll be smiling from ear to ear. First, set the mood with candles and light music, something soothing and calm. Jack Johnson cd?s were made for this purpose. OAR is a little more tolerable. Set up the candles so that the whole room illuminates to an orange glow. You may have to settle on your bed in place of a massage table, unless you have one, which would be weird. But the bed works just fine.
Second, get something to wet your hand, be it lotion, moisturizer, something. Simply having this will make it appear like you know what you?re doing. You?ll need this stuff because it not only lets your hands glide freely, it also warms her muscles. The result is complete relaxation.

Third, start with very slow, broad strokes that cover her entire back and legs (she should be naked with just a towel over her butt). One second, ohhhhhhhh. Okay I?m back. Don?t neglect her arms and legs. Some women go crazy when you massage their arms all the way to the hands. As you work up momentum, increase the pressure you apply. You really want to focus on working the entire muscle, using your entire hand.

Finally, as you end the massage, whisper something in her ear. And don?t expect sex. Just show her that you are happy to go to these lengths without anticipating something in return.

2. Cook her dinner

This one makes her happy because it shows you can do something other than shoot hoops. But don?t try some fancy dish you probably can?t pull off. If the food sucks, you?re basically back where you started. On the other hand, grilled cheese will make you look like a shmuck.

Try easy recipes like spaghetti or ravioli, and then throw in some spices to class it up. Just like a massage, you should set the mood before dinner. And just like a massage, break out the candles again. What is it about a tiny flame that women like so much?

If and when she asks to help, tell her to sit down and relax. Then go ahead and give her some bread or make her a nice salad to nosh before the main course is ready. Keep it a secret as best you can. For instance, don?t let her see the meal and don?t give her any tastes. Keep the conservation going and make her laugh.

When the food is up, serve her first and act like you genuinely care if she likes it. You?ll know if you did well within the first few bites. If she?s smiling and enjoying the food, you?re in. Start to feed her with your fork and rejoice in the fact that you just earned a minimum of 13 relationship points.

3. Give her a gift

I’ve yet to meet a girl who didn’t enjoy a gift. God knows my girl loves ’em. The size and tone of the gift are important. Sometimes, smaller and cheaper is better. Some roses and a well-placed note will melt her heart.

If you?re trying to hint at some sexual activities, consider getting her some expensive lingerie. These things are incredibly skimpy, so the gift will tell her you appreciate every part of her body and she has nothing to hide. This will make her happy. Shy away from Spencers and walk towards Victoria?s Secret. You?ll have to shell out more money but it?s worth it.

It might not be that same night, but at some point, you’ll get to see the massively overpriced gear in action. The best part about this gift is that it will make you both happy. You get to pick out the sexiest thing in the store and then get to see your girlfriend in it. This will lead to some good times if you know what I mean…and I mean sex. Long, rough, sex.

As men, our job is quite simple. Keep the girl happy and reap the benefits. Try these three classic methods and become boyfriend of the month.

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