10 Essentials For Your Home Gaming Set Up

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If you’re a huge fan of gaming, chances are you may already have a gaming set upright in your own home. Whether you’re a casual FIFA player or an RPG connoisseur, it’s important to have the right environment to maximize your gameplay. Rather than waste money trying out different products, we’ve taken out the guesswork and collated some of the best buys to desk out your gaming space. Check out our top picks below!

1. A Headset

Some of the best games are played with others, so investing in a good quality headset will make communication easier between you and your teammates. A good headset will sit securely and have noise blocking abilities, meaning you can get your head in the game and leaves your hands free to play without fiddling with headphones. You can find the best Sony gaming headset online and pick your purchase!

2. A Gaming Chair

The chair you pick will be deeply personal and reflect the kind of games you like to play. If you specifically like car games you’re best opting for a rocking racing chair that sits on the floor. They feel like a car’s deep bucket seat and have extra support and cushioning and higher-end models even have pedals and steering wheels for a realistic feel when playing.

If you’re a PC gamer you’ll want a chair that has a similar structure to a desk chair. You’ll likely be spending a few hours in the same spot so you’ll want to look for a chair that has a good level of comfort with armrests and an ergonomic design. Opt for a version with a lumbar support pillow and a neck pillow that can be adjusted according to your height. The more comfortable you are, the better facilitated you’ll be for an all-day gaming sesh!

3. A Gaming Console

Whether you’re a diehard Xbox fan or can’t get enough of PlayStation, you’ll need a console to run games from. Whatever your preference get the best model you can afford, plug in, and play! PCs are the traditional type of console, plus you can use it to check out all your favorite streamers, YouTubers, and gaming blogs as well as playing. Gaming PCs and laptops don’t come cheap but they will be able to handle the most complex, intricate games that a typical laptop just can’t manage. If you choose a laptop, buy a raised cooling stand to make sure nothing is overheating. The last thing you want is for a break in power at a crucial point of your game!

4. A Gaming Monitor

Graphics are pretty much the most important of any game. Playing on a pokey little screen will hinder your gameplay and you’ll lose all of the fantastic imaging that modern games have to offer. Invest in a proper gaming screen with a high Hz refresh rate that can keep up with fast-moving action. You’ll also want to look for features such as screen size, color, resolution, response time, and a moveable stand so you can raise or lower the screen to suit your height.

5. High Spec Controls

If you’re a PC gamer, you’ll want to make sure you have a mouse that can withstand hours of play and keep up with your movements. Gaming mice are at another level when it comes to response speed and accuracy. They also have extra buttons so that you can perform multiple actions with just a click of your fingers.

If you prefer an Xbox, Atari, PlayStation, or Nintendo, get the best control that matches with your chosen console and a couple spare to play with friends (or to replace any broken ones you may throw if you lose a nail-biting battle!)

6. An External Hard Drive

Storage can be the bane of any gamer’s existence. If you like to play multiple games, then having adequate storage is a must. External hard drives are a super easy way to up your storage capacity in a relatively inexpensive way, all you have to do is plug them in and you’ll have enough space to download and save a whole host of games you wouldn’t have been able to before.

7. A Gaming Subscription

If you like to try out all of the latest releases, then a gaming subscription will save you a ton of money. EA Play, Xbox Gold, PlayStation Plus, whatever you enjoy, you’ll be able to get a subscription. Paying a small amount per month is a far more cost-effective solution than forking out $60 plus for a single game.

8. Blackout Window Shading

While gaming monitors are pretty good at filtering out light reflection, having a gaming room that can be blacked out will ensure that you don’t have any annoying light bouncing off your screens. Purchase some good-quality window blinds to ensure the sunlight doesn’t interfere with your playing. Add strip lighting behind your screen so that you can see clearly in front of you. It will also make the room look infinitely cooler!

9. A Stable Desk

You may have all of the right gear, but if you don’t have a good base to set it on it will be a waste of time. Make sure you have a good quality desk that has an adjustable height to reduce any back or neck injuries. You need to make sure it’s on stable ground so that your gameplay isn’t interrupted by a wobbly surface.

10. A Webcam

If you’re a serious gamer you’ve probably thought of streaming your gameplay and may be hoping to amass a following on Twitch or YouTube. A good quality webcam can help you on your way. Ensure you’ve got a high-spec model with great camera quality and play around with making a few videos. Pair it with a video capture card to record your gameplay footage to edit into a slick piece of gaming content. Who knows you might end up being the next Dakotaz or Pokimane!

Which of these gaming essentials will you be adding to your gaming set up? Share your must-haves in the comments to inspire other players!

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