The Male Escort Industry and Remote Zoom Dates

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Few industries have been impacted by COVID-19 as harshly as companionship and escort services. After all, with restaurants closed, venues shuttered, and parties put on hold, there’s practically no social outlet to break free from the monotony of your lonely life. The once-promising summer of 2020 has collapsed into a crisis for the male escort industry. But there may be a glimmer of hope for escorts in a post-pandemic world facing new challenges and an uncertain future.

All over the world, everyone is going stir crazy from cooping up at home. Boredom, stagnation, loneliness, isolation – these painful feelings are plaguing people who aren’t used to being tied down. While enjoying social dating and nightlife might be traditional backbones of the job, escorts are often popular for providing specialized personal touches that make the companionship experience truly special. This creates unique opportunities for entrepreneurial escorts.

Escorts who aren’t looking to exit the business have turned to the digital world to reach their clients. Online dating has been around for years now, but what most people think of like online dating is online “meeting.” Most “dating” apps are places for you to present yourself to others, meet, and eventually have a traditional date. Escorts don’t need dating apps; they need dating services. And why reinvent the wheel when the rest of the business world already has the perfect solution? Zoom remote dates are the simplest and easiest solution to meeting and dating online.

Zoom Dates

Some people might hesitate at the idea of a Zoom date. Even if an escort can offer the most memorable companionship experience imaginable, how is one supposed to sell a client on the peculiar new idea of “dating” over a video call? You can achieve this by highlighting the benefits of a remote Zoom date.

If you think about it, a Zoom date removes many of the traditional barriers that make dating awkward, uncomfortable, and downright intimidating. Nobody expects you to look like a supermodel on Zoom. Don’t worry if your makeup isn’t perfect. No need to be self-conscious about your weight. And you certainly don’t need to worry about whether your shoes match your outfit. Lighting, camera angles, and streaming quality have such an impact on what you and your date look like that there’s no way to look too good or too bad on a Zoom call. You can be much more casual and carefree without worry about vain appearances. You barely have to dress at all!

Zoom dates also dispense with the frustrating logistics that accompany dating. On a Zoom date, there’s no parking, no valet, no waiting for a table, no waiters buzzing around, no flagging down bartenders, no hailing cabs, no cover charges, no dress codes, and no loud music (unless you want it). On a Zoom date, the menu is whatever you want it to be, and there’s no subject too taboo to discuss for fear of eavesdropping ears. Your clients can sip their favorite wines and enjoy their favorite takeout while you sample your favorite brews from the comfort of your own kitchen. Everything can be tailored to your client’s exact desires because it’s all taking place inside the home.

The toughest choice you have to make about offering escort services remotely has to do with expenses. When you’re out on the town with a client, they’re the ones who pay the dinner bill, the bar tab, and the cab fare. On a real date, you flash some cash and keep moving. It’s even kind of classy. But where’s the romance in asking your client to order you a pizza? No, on a Zoom date, you’re better off planning for the cost of your own dinner and drinks. Better yet, have it all prepared for yourself in advance of the encounter, so you don’t have to take any time away from your client. You can build this cost into the price of your service while selling your prospects an “all-inclusive date” with no extra charges.

On rare occasions, you may still have clients who are interested in a face-to-face encounter. This is your choice to make. As an independent escort, if you decide you’re willing to take the risk of meeting in-home with clients during the pandemic, you must take the same precautions you would out in public. Wash your hands thoroughly, wear a facemask, and sanitize all high-contact surfaces (especially if they’re coming to your home). You may even find some clients who want to hire you simply to come to help with cleaning and sanitation.

With escort services closing all around the UK, it’s getting harder and harder to find someone trustworthy and reliable. Gentlemen4Hire can help you find a companion who’s ready to show you a good, clean, safe time during the pandemic.

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