The History of Rolex Submariner Watches

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Over the years, Rolex has released some pretty iconic timepieces. The Rolex Submariner is one of the most legendary watches ever produced by the Swiss watchmaker. The watch not only looks astonishing but is also sturdy and durable with some very nifty features. In addition to the beauty and functionality of the watch, the Rolex Submariner also has a rich history behind it. This line of watches was originally designed for deep sea divers and was built to withstand significant mechanical action and be resistant to water and corrosion.

The Rolex Submariner traces its history back to the 1950s. A member of the company’s board directors, Jeanerret, an avid diver, proposed the production of a watch tailored specifically for SCUBA divers. His proposal sailed through and later developed into a whole division of luxury sports watches. His idea was to create a timepiece that would meet every need of a diver both under the water and on the surface. The watch was to be strong and elegant and ideal for everyday use.

Rolex enlisted the services of professionals with prior history of building watches for divers. They embarked on creating an exceptional timepiece that would resist water up to vast depths. After investing significant effort and resources, the watch was finally ready for testing in 1953. The product was the Submariner 6200 and it was tested by Jacques and his father Auguste Piccard. They were giving a shot at setting a world diving record. Aside from their success at setting an all new diving record for diving to a depth of 10,355 feet underneath the surface, they also proved that the Submariner was built for the job as the watch survived the dive.

The official Rolex Submariner model 6204 was launched by the company in 1954 at the Basel Spring Fair. One of the notable achievements Rolex had with this model was that it could withstand depths of 660 feet (200 meters). This was a feature that no other watch company had succeeded in creating. In 1955, Rolex formally made the timepiece available for sale to the public together with the model 6205. As compared to the experimental 6200, the 6204 and the 6205 were slightly smaller and sleeker.

Sales of the Rolex Submariner started soaring in the 1960s as its popularity and mass appeal continued to rise. Its popularity was further boosted when it started appearing in the James Bond 007 films on the wrist of renowned Sean Connery.

Packed with several nifty features, Rolex Submariner replica line of products ensure that it delivered remarkable services to the wearer. It was designed to be sturdy and work seamlessly even at great depths under the sea. The watches also featured a rotating bezel, a feature tailored for keeping track of air time during dives. Divers would therefore know the amount of air they were left with at all time. The triplock was another great feature of the Submariner line of watches. It is an innovative feature for solving limitations of wearing the watch over a diver’s suit. The watch has undergone several revolutionary transformations throughout the years, with newer and enhanced models being released from time to time.

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