The History of Chevy: What Makes This a Cult Car Brand?

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There are certain iconic images that evoke a positive emotional response and the Chevy badge is one of those. It is a revered and respected car maker, but what is it that evokes such an emotive response?

Take a look around at what Chevy dealers in Salt Lake City have to offer, for instance, and you can easily see why this brand is so popular.

But what is it about a Chevy that transforms it into a cult brand?

Chevrolet plays a big part in automotive history

It all started in 1911. Swiss racing car driver Louise Chevrolet and William Crapo Durrant, who was an original founder of General Motors, collaborated to create the Chevrolet Motor Company of Michigan.

The first cars they produced were the Classic Six models, and they were instantly popular with their eye-catching styling and attention to detail.

The first every Chevy trucks were unveiled in 1918, and the rest, as they say, is history.

Chevrolet had already earned the respect and admiration of motoring enthusiasts everywhere, and that love affair with the brand has never waned over the years.

A new chapter for Chevy started in the 1940s

Extremely challenging historical events such as the Great Depression obviously impacted carmakers like Chevrolet, but they survived and evolved.

It was in 1941, when co-founder Louis Chevrolet passed away, that Chevy was already making preparations for wartime production. Once this period passed, we witnessed Chevy moving in a new post-war direction, marked by the Bel Air model.

The Bel Air was a roaring success. The power glide was the first car with automatic transmission made by Chevy, and its low pricing strategy ensured that aspirational motorists had the chance to own this attractive model.

The Motorama Show in 1953 marked the introduction of the enduringly popular Corvette model. It was a model that became the epitome of the American dream.

Not surprisingly, these Chevrolet models attracted lots of new customers, who were then starting their love affair with this iconic brand.

It was in 1954 that the fifty millionth Chevrolet rolled off the production line. That’s an incredible success story and demonstrated how so many motorists admire the style and performance offered when driving one of their models.

What makes it a cult brand?

You only have to look at the designs and the range of motoring options presented by Chevrolet to see why it has attracted a cult following.

Whether you were in the market for a stylish sports car or a great truck, you could find what you wanted if you chose a Chevy.

The Chevy brand is clearly embedded in American culture in a way that other car makers can only dream of matching. It is a carmaker that has always managed to anticipate what drivers wanted and producing models that matched those aspirations.

You only have to consider how many pop songs feature a Chevy in the lyrics (about 700 at the last count) to know what many think about this iconic brand.

Have you become part of the Chevy fan club yet?

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