Ram 2500: The Pros and Cons

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The Ram 2500 is an attractive option if you’re looking for a truck. There are lots of them on the road, and when you take one for a test drive, you can see why. These models have a lot going for them, and you’ll want to give one some consideration before deciding on your next truck.

Before looking for a Ram 2500 for sale, Texas residents should do some research regarding this vehicle’s positives and negatives. Let’s go over some of those.

The Best Qualities of the Ram 2500

One of the best things about the Ram 2500 is its spacious interior. Some trucks don’t have enough legroom. If you have several large individuals in your truck, they will appreciate the space.

You also get a powerful engine with the Ram 2500, and you can get it in either the diesel or gas variety. You’ll enjoy the sturdy design as well. If you’re doing some heavy-duty towing and hauling, you’ll find that this model has horsepower and torque to spare.

The resale value is also worth mentioning. If you take good care of your Ram 2500, you should be able to trade it in a few years down the line for a good price. You can put that money toward the purchase of your next truck if that continues to make the most sense for your lifestyle.

The Worst Qualities of the Ram 2500

One issue that Ram 2500 owners sometimes report is that the cruise control can malfunction. You might be someone who never uses this feature. If so, you probably won’t be too concerned with this complaint. However, if you use cruise control frequently, you may have some worries in this area.

Some owners have also reported issues with the electrical system. They say some of the interior accessories can fail as time passes, especially the stereo and the wiring harnesses.

Transmission issues have been reported in some instances. Some drivers say the transmission in their 2500 has suddenly stopped working on long trips, forcing them to get the vehicle towed.

One further concern is the engine seizing or knocking when going up inclined terrain. Engine wrist pin problems seem to account for this issue.

Is This Model the Best Choice for You?

All in all, the Ram 2500 delivers with a ton of power for the price. The roomy interior and overall stability are among the best for this size vehicle. If you have a job where you need to do lots of towing and hauling, you’ll certainly want to consider this model.

Ram seems to have taken steps toward alleviating most of the problems that we’ve mentioned in their latest 2500 series. Still, if you get one of these trucks, you should ensure you get a long-term warranty so you’ll be covered if there are any malfunctions like those we mentioned.

The number of Ram 2500s that you see on the road seems to indicate that many drivers are willing to give this truck a chance.

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